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Ted Cruz Sabotages His Own Faux Filibuster With Green Eggs and Ham


Ted Cruz doesn’t get it. The Texas Senator missed the entire message of Green Eggs and Ham and in the process made the case for Obamacare during his faux filibuster.

Video of Cruz reading Green Eggs and Ham:


The problem for Ted Cruz and the rest of the Republican Party is that they have managed to convince the American people not to like their political Green Eggs and Ham (Obamacare) with lies. Sen. Cruz spoke on the Senate floor about how much he liked this book, but as usual, I don’t think he thought this the whole way through.

Republicans have convinced the American people not to like Green Eggs and Ham. No matter how much President Sam-I-Am does to persuade them that they will like green eggs and ham, a percentage of the American people still believe the lies they were told about it several years ago. What Republicans like Cruz fear most is what will happen after the American people try their green eggs and ham.

Sen. Cruz is trying desperately to stop Obamacare because he and his fellow Republicans know that once the American people try it, they are going to like it. They are going to forget all of the lies that Republicans have told them about the ACA, and they will raise holy heck when Republicans try to take it away from them in the future. In fact, green eggs and ham might become a new favorite food once many Americans get over their fear and give it a try.

By choosing to read Green Eggs and Ham on the Senate floor, Ted Cruz may have thought that he was rallying the just say no troops of the Republican Party. What he was really doing was telling the story of the Republican opposition to Obamacare and why it is destined to fail.

Ted Cruz is still talking. He isn’t saying anything that the American people haven’t heard before, but he may have unintentionally given himself a look into the path of failure that the Republican Party has set itself on. He did all of this just by reading Green Eggs and Ham on the Senate floor.

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