As The Republican Party Goes Up in Flames Fox News Blames Obama


As the Republican Party self destructs before our eyes, Fox News is stomping their feet and blaming Obama for polarizing America.

The Republican Party has completely fallen apart over Obamacare. Republicans are being consumed by their own polarization, and Fox News trotted out Bill O’Reilly to blame Obama.

Video of O’Reilly fight from reality:


O’REILLY: “Talking Points” does not believe that Fox News, the media or any other entity is polarizing America. It’s the Obama administration driving that. The President was elected to change America. That’s what he said he would do. And he has largely kept that promise. This country is now much different than it was in 2008.

The problem is the country is weaker. And the economy is still problematic. Wages for working Americans have actually gone down on President Obama’s watch.

So it’s not the media, Fox News or anybody else that’s creating division its politics. There are millions of Americans who still like President Obama, but his job approval rating is falling fast — 43 percent in the latest CBS News/”New York Times” poll. Fox News is set up to report that kind of information and analyze why it’s happening and we do. Unlike some other networks, FNC encourages robust debate from all kinds of people.

As you may know there is an intense debate right now over how Republicans are handling Obamacare. Some FNC commentators side with Senator Ted Cruz who wants to just blow it up. Others like Charles Krauthammer, Brit Hume, Bernie Goldberg say that allowing Obamacare to fail is the best course of action if you want to roll back the entire nanny state. That debate is healthy, and it’s going on right here.

O’Reilly was responding to Bill Clinton calling out Fox News and the media for polarizing the country, but his rebuttal was completely detached from the real world. Fox News has whipped up polarization since before Barack Obama took office. Immediately after the president took office, Glenn Beck drove the racist narrative that is prevalent in conservative circles today. The Fox News agenda has always been to polarize and divide. Fox tries to divide the media into two camps, Fox News and liberal bias. They have tried to polarize the country based on political affiliation, religion, race, gender, and sex.

Unfortunately for them, their campaign of polarization was too effective. The divides that are ripping the Republican Party into pieces and threatening the economy were caused by Fox News. FNC got in bed with the Kochs and gave the AstroTurf tea party endless promotion. Fox News shamelessly campaigned on the air for Ted Cruz and other tea party champions. This is all coming back to bite them, and they are blaming President Obama.

The Republican Party is collapsing in on itself, and much of the internal fighting was promoted by Fox News.

Fox News makes a lot of money by polarizing America. The Republican Party is going up in flames in part because of Fox News. Blaming President Obama for what they have sown is typical behavior from the unaccountable and irresponsible conservative media.

It wasn’t Obama who polarized America. Fox News, you built that.

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