The Republicans Would Harm Millions to Destroy Obamacare


Here’s one source to learn all there is to know about the act that gave birth to Obamacare with the president’s signature back in March of 2010. There are a number of other sources that give the exact text of HR 3590 and its sister legislation so you’ll know exactly what the act entails.

Here’s another piece of highly repugnant current legislation. A 231-192 vote took place early Sunday, just after 12 midnight, to prevent a government shutdown. Of course the devil is in the details. And the details demanded by the Republicans include delaying Obamacare for one year and in a separate measure repealing a 2.3% medical device tax.
The Republican boys, a few traitors to their gender and some DINOs also threw in a delay of the Obamacare requirement that employer health insurance cover contraceptives. Ignoring the fact that at one time or another in their lives, 99% of women have used a form of contraception.

Let me see if I can summon up the sympathy for medical device makers to support the s**tcanning of that 2.3% tax (in effect since January by the way). I looked up three device makers mentioned in a column by the respected stock market website, Motley Fool. Intuitive Surgical, the robotics people once hit $585.67 per share. ResMed, recognizable to most who suffer from sleep apnea, recently traded at an all-time high and then there’s the granddaddy of them all, Medtronic. Medtronic has a pricey device to keep you vertical from countless health problems and a market cap somewhere in the mid-50 billion range. Yeah, medical device makers can easily pay the 2.3% freight and still keep their top management in 20,000 square foot houses with multiple Maybachs parked in their 6-car garages.

To give you an idea just how much money floats over the med-d transoms, consider the Massachusetts device-maker bitch-fest, as reported by the Boston Globe, March 22, that the tax would cost these companies $411 million a year. Break out the abacus; the net profits must be enormous.

In a scary aside, it should be noted that the Senate, in a non-binding resolution, voted 79-20 to repeal the medical device tax for real a few months ago. Democrats came along for the ride as well. Do the names Al Franken and Elizabeth Warren ring a bill? Sad, insofar as I considered one of those two to be of presidential timber.

So virtually all Congressional Republicans and a percentage of Democrats can be had for a few extra bucks around election time. But it goes much deeper than that. Let’s face it; we know who the harmful extremists are. They include entire delegations of some red states. Mostly men of such incalculable greed, ego, hypocrisy (especially religious) and unfeeling inhumanity for people and the earth that they should be taken off the streets altogether and not allowed to mingle with those who have feelings for the poor, the infirm, and citizens of different races, creeds and colors,

But our emphasis on our enormous political problems has been misdirected all these frustrating years. Do you really think you can change a single resident brain cell within the domes of Boehner, Cantor, Ryan, Issa, Gowdy, Cruz and company? No, you cannot and never will.

So the only solution to righting the ship of state is to repopulate the halls of Congress and state General Assemblies with essentially a new crew starting with the next captain. The Obama presidency has been a farce. An extremely decent, bright and caring human being with great ideas has been reduced to a “Big Government” house-sitter by elected Republican racist who couldn’t hold his jock. It’s a supreme irony that the right-wing conservatives viciously attack the ‘patriotism’ of Obama and those “anti-Christ liberals” while hating the federal government to the point of wanting to destroy it (but still quietly taking hundreds of billions in grants and subsidies).

So the blame for the current status of our country can be laid squarely on the shoulders of voters who would elect schemers, cheaters, bullies and liars. In just one day, I’ve been exposed to the news that while South Carolina’s health insurance exchange marketplace is set to launch, the state’s Republican power structure refuses to publicize the program. Elsewhere in the United States of Gunnutsville, a guy walks up to a preacher in a Louisiana church and shoots him dead right in front of the congregation that included the pastor’s wife. Remember Republicans encourage the carrying of guns in church. A family feud erupted in Pennsylvania. The ensuing in-home gun battle left 4 family members dead. Republicans love houses full of guns.

About the same number of voters identify themselves as Democrats as Republicans. Independents trail a few points behind. It’s not the party or the Independents that are going to save this country. Women are going to save this country. And women have to vote in massive numbers to bring the U.S. back to its senses. And those votes have to go to people who mostly agree with Democrats on Obamacare, social issues, the environment, election reform, public education, helping the poor and occasionally siding with those responsible republicans who don’t want to throw taxpayer money away, but see reason in the occasional tax increase when necessary. Add a quantity of aware males and we should be spared the hell of the G.W. Bush years and the Republican House of Horrors.

Yes, women are our salvation! I already know exactly what right-wing males are going to do. I know the primary focus will be on further insulting and denigrating our president because he’s black and these racists never want another black president in the WHITE house.

We have to be of a classier political mien. We can’t be the ruinous rabble that currently undermines every decent political initiative in DC and the red states. Men, as a whole, are not capable of sacrificing selfishness for the better good. Men are twice as likely to become alcoholics. Too many of them love boozing it up and cheating on their wives then, in South Carolina, coming home and killing their women at the highest rate in the nation with their basements filled up with firearms and ammo. If wives were given the choice of voicing their opinions on guns without fear of being beaten or worse, most would opt for few, if any, in their homes.

Men are lost in self-centered macho. Women are just as tough, but in productive and nurturing ways. It’s the woman who raises the children, cooks the meals, works the second job and, more and more, the primary job. I’m generalizing a bit, but not much. I’ve written on this subject before and it certainly bears repeating.

Women: Our last hope.

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