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Rafael, the Wacko Birds and Their Celebrated Shutdown

Only Rafael Cruz and his flock of wacko birds consider an epic fail a win.  Rafael and the wacko birds celebrated the government shutdown as if they actually accomplished something.  True, they got the government shutdown, which will hurt babies and their mothers who relied on the supplemental nourishment program.  True, children will be hurt because the Head Start schools they go to are shut down.  While the troops will be paid, 800,000 civilian government employees face furloughs for an undetermined period.  Over 3 million Veterans will not get benefits. The safety of your food will be compromised because food inspectors will scale back their work. Small business growth will slow down.  Disability benefits will be interrupted. Rafael and the wacko birds compromised national security and put our diplomats at risk.  It means the center for disease control will shut down, as will the Statue of Liberty.  Contrary to wacko bird rhetoric, shutting down the government is an expensive proposition with human and financial costs.    Yeehah!  So much to celebrate!

Rafael and the wacko birds don’t care that 72% of Americans oppose the shutdown because that would entail thinking about someone other than themselves.  Besides, the wacko birds dumped John Boehner and appointed Rafael as the real leader of their band.  They also revealed the so-called Republican moderates as wimps unable to stand up to Rafael and the wacko birds.  However, Rafael and the wacko birds can claim a secondary achievement. Republican moderates are starting to find their spines.  One should note that, in this case, moderate is a relative term.  We’re still taking about people who think that healthcare insurance should cease to be accessible the moment someone actually needs to use it.  They just don’t equate the healthcare law with Nazism, slavery and communism.

For all the suffering and the political consequences that come with a shutdown, it remains an epic fail because Rafael and the wacko birds didn’t achieve the one thing they wanted more than they wanted anything else.  The Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare remains law.  People visited the site to learn  more about the exchanges that will give them access to the healthcare system that Rafael and the wacko birds enjoy on the taxpayers’ dime.  They could sign up, be it under the original named law or the same law under a revised name  within their state.

Obamacare didn’t come tumbling down.  Moreover, Rafael Cruz knew it during his audition for Teabilly Presidential candidate in 2016.  In reality, that audition was the only “principle” that Rafael stood for.

Affordable Care Act is the law of the land.  On the first day of October, Americans who the previous system denied access to “the best healthcare system in the world” gained  access and with options beyond scamcare policies and the emergency room.  Insurers won’t be able to cap life-sustaining services and impose gender-based penalties.  The days in which illness meant bankruptcy are over.

Americans rejected Rafael’s dire warning that gaining access to healthcare is Nazism.  They ignored Michele Bachmann’s equally absurd claims that somehow getting healthcare is akin to cocaine addiction, or others who compared having access to a doctor with slavery and freedom from bankruptcy in the event of a medical crisis with communism.  They just laughed at Sarah Palin’s desperate attempt to become significant by jumping on the Rafael Teawagon.

The lies will continue, because that’s what the wacko birds do.  People who have the ability to think for themselves can see firsthand that if you have a pre-existing condition.  you can have insurance. Your pre-existing condition will be treated immediately.  Even if you have grandfathered policy that doesn’t treat pre-existing conditions, you can still get coverage on the exchange.  They’ll see every Whacko bird talking point about the ACA is a lie, including the claim that somehow a government shutdown would mean a shutdown of access to healthcare.  Who knows maybe a few wacko birds will find out that the all the things they love  in the Affordable Care Act but hate about Obamacare,  are in Obamacare because they are the same thing.

The only thing that may shock them more is the realization that Ted Cruz and Rafael Cruz are the same person who is a dual citizen of Canada and the United States and who likes to wear ostrich skin boots.

Image: Mad Mikes America

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