Republicans Are Losing So Badly They Put Out the Most Pathetic Piece of Propaganda Yet


A rather desperate House Majority Leader Eric Cantor tweeted a picture of (all male) Republicans sitting at a table, lamenting, “We sit ready to negotiate with the Senate. #FairnessForAll”.

Republicans think tweeting a picture of them sitting at a big table will magically erase the 18 times they killed Senate Democrats’ attempts to get budget reconciliation under way.

Republicans are trying to fight back against the results of Tuesday’s polls that show (shocking only to Republicans) that the voters hold Republicans responsible for their actions, including this shutdown. In fact, if the 2014 midterms were held right now, it would be lights out for the GOP’s gerrymandered hold on the House. Losing even when you cheat isn’t a good sign of your party’s health and national viability.

To recap, we are only here because Republicans refused to sit down for budget talks unless they had a hostage, so they delayed talks until they could park our economic recovery on the edge of a cliff and point and snicker as they pushed it forward.

We got here because Republicans refused to negotiate on a budget, which led to the sequester that Republicans love. We are now just trying to get a CR to fund the government for 6 weeks, and Republicans are using it push us over the edge of our fragile recovery.

We are shutdown, and so Republicans took a picture of themselves sitting at a table claiming they are ready to sit down — with a gun to Democrats’ heads. They wouldn’t sit down until they had that hostage pushed over the edge of the cliff.

This is the most pathetic piece of Republican propaganda yet, and that’s saying something. This tops Speaker Boehner’s relentless attempts to appear as if Republicans care about jobs by standing in front of a press wall with the word “JOBS!” screaming at the viewer. This tops Boehner waving around the nearly empty packet with “JOBS” on the front of it. This tops the nearly empty save for the big pictures “budgets” and “ideas” Republicans tout. This tops Republicans using a super big font to fill a nearly empty “plan”.

Republicans are trying desperately to pretend that they are shutting down the government over fairness and equality (still not a good reason to shutdown the government, by the way boys).

The only good news here is that Republicans are avowing a sudden affinity for the value of “equality”. Who’s going to ask them if “equality” applies to women, gays, the poor, union members, African Americans, Hispanics, the middle class…

Listening to Republicans whine about being called terrorists and screeching that they are so ready to sit down and talk now that they have a gun to the head of the economy is as annoying as all manufactured dramas are. This picture of the party of the “suicide caucus” sitting at a table with a hidden gun aimed at us all is hardly soothing. Now they’re whining to boot.

Countdown until one of them falls into hysterics on the floor, “Leave Republicans alone!”

Update 1:51 PM: Corrected “Monday’s polls” for “Tuesday’s polls”.

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