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Tea Party Heroine Determined to Save Americans from Obamacare Crack Cocaine of Dependency

bachmann-shutdownEvery day Republicans get more desperate and shrill-sounding where Obamacare is concerned. You would think healthcare for millions of Americans was the worst fate to ever befall humankind.

But remember: this isn’t really about Obamacare. This is about destroying Barack Obama. This is, as Obama himself said yesterday, about re-fighting the results of the last election.
An election Obama won.

The Republicans know this. Increasingly, the American people know this. Republicans are racing toward a cliff. They know this as well. But they cannot seem to stop themselves.

Listen to “GOP Star” Michele Bachmann, herself possibly headed toward a federal penitentiary at the bottom of that cliff, yesterday on World Net Daily (notice the false premise that kicks the ball off):

Asked “why she thinks President Obama and Democrats are unwilling to negotiate with the GOP over Obamacare’s well-documented problems” Bachmann said,

“I think the reason is because President Obama can’t wait to get Americans addicted to the crack cocaine of dependency on more government health care.

“Because, once they enroll millions of more individual Americans, it will be virtually impossible for us to pull these benefits back from people.”

“All they want to do is buy love from people by giving them massive government subsidies.”

Healthcare for millions of people who cannot otherwise get insurance from Bachmann’s corporate masters is “the crack cocaine of dependency.”

When she says this, what I hear is, “Oh my God no! They’re going to feed the peasants????”

Bachmann, herself infamous for making things up as she goes along, accused Democrats of “making it up as they go along” and said “They’re trying to fly a plane they haven’t even built yet.”

Here is Bachmann’s list of charges (she’ll be hearing her own list of charges in federal court soon enough):

  • Almost every one of Obama’s promises about Obamacare has turned out to be false.
  • The president lied about abortion not being funded under Obamacare.
  • No one should hand over any private information to the health-care exchanges and the federal data hub.
  • The HHS admits there is no way to prevent Obamacare fraud.
  • People don’t trust the government after the NSA abuse of private information.
  • People don’t believe the government can’t be hacked.
  • The government isn’t even trying to secure Americans’ private information.
  • You can’t trust the people running the heath-care exchanges.
  • The people running the health-care exchanges obviously are not trained.
  • The people running Obamacare are completely unprepared to go forward.
  • They’re making the decision to move forward based upon politics.
  • The president, arrogantly, is more concerned with saving face than keeping health-care data secure.

As a result, brave Republicans like Michele Bachmann and Ted Cruz are determined to save the American people. Bachmann, we are told, “does not think it is fair to the American people who she says will be hurt if the law goes into effect in its present state.”

Yeah, it could be disastrous if people previously denied medical care suddenly received it. Poor people could live to cast votes against tea party tyranny. Can’t have that.

“Whatever we can do to relieve the suffering of this economy and the American people” Bachmann told WND. “On every possible level, this is a government program that is clearly not ready for prime time.”

Bachmann was also worried about *whisper* illegal aliens: “[A]nd you know you are also going to be getting illegal aliens who are going to be getting access to these benefits. You know it.”

I can’t imagine that an illegal alien getting access to Obamacare could be worse than leeches like Michele Bachmann getting healthcare at taxpayer expense. At least illegal aliens work for a living.

And as you might expect, it all comes down to that most famous of the GOP’s non-scandals, ACORN:

The congresswoman told WND she had learned during a briefing that the navigators, or assisters, who will be signing up people for Obamacare “will be getting something like $59 a head for the people that they sign up. ACORN did that.”

“ACORN signed up Donald Duck and Minnie Mouse,” just making up names, “so people could make money. It was meant to be a scam.”

ACORN, the community organizing and voter-registration organization that Obama worked for in the 1990s, was disbanded after massive allegations of voter law violations and at least 54 ACORN employees and individuals associated with ACORN were convicted of voter fraud.

I don’t know…I may be going out on a limb here but it seems to me that the über-corrupt Bachmann is the one person who should not be accusing other people of fraud.

“We know people will get signed up in a fraudulent way. That’s why President Obama has already waived or deleted 19 different areas for Obamcare. Because they make it up as they go along.”

Bachmann insisted it is “unconstitutional for the executive to rewrite laws at will and spend money that Congress doesn’t authorize.”

“That’s completely unconstitutional,” she said.

Well…if anyone should know about “unconstitutional” it’s Michele Bachmann and the tea party, determined to supersede the Constitution’s balance of powers by lifting the Republican dominated House over not only the rest of the legislative branch (the Senate) but the Executive (President Obama) and the judicial (the Supreme Court that upheld Obamacare).

Because that’s what the Founders wanted: a losing political party to get a re-do in a snit when they lose an election.

Of all the things we’ve seen discussed here, that is the thing most definitely NOT constitutional. Nowhere and nowise was it intended that one party get to shut down the government for a president’s entire term because they didn’t want him to win. It has never been done before. It will in all likelihood never be done again because if they get away with it this time, one of two things will happen: The GOP will, as Trevor LaFauci observed here the other day, like the Whigs cease to exist, or the United States as we know it will cease to exist.

This is a much bigger fight than Obamacare and the GOP knows it, President Obama knows it, and the American people must realize it. This is about destroying the country over a fanatical belief in their own ideology, that liberalism should not be allowed to govern and that a black man must not be allowed to be president.

We are watching Republicans try to destroy the country over a healthcare plan that was created by Republicans – Mitt Romney and the Heritage Foundation.

It is too incredible for belief but it is happening and the Republicans are serious about it. We are watching levels of political insanity not seen since the 30s and 50s of the past century.

When Michele Bachmann told WND, “Now is the time to put it out of its misery,” she wasn’t really talking about Obamacare.

She was talking about the United States of America.

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