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Half of Republican Voters Believe in Delusional Obama Conspiracies

obama frown

If you want to understand the current mess our country is in, you need look no further than the worldview of today’s Republican voter. The Tea Party lunatics that currently infest the halls of Congress with their hostage-taking diplomacy owe their seats to a Republican voting base that has abandoned reason to embrace the most ridiculous and sinister theories about the president. A Public Policy Polling (PPP) survey released October 2nd, reveals the depths of delusion that Republican voters have succumbed to in the Obama era.

According to the national poll’s results, 62 percent of Republicans believe President Obama is “secretly trying to take  everyone’s guns away“. In addition, 44 percent of Republicans believe that Obama is secretly trying to figure out a way to stay in office beyond 2017. Nearly half of Republican voters think that Obama is a dictator scheming to serve as president for a third term and over half think he has a secret plan to confiscate the guns of all Americans. These are not rational positions, but rather bizarre conspiracy theories, but they are majority opinions or near majority opinions within the universe of Republican voters.

These frankly delusional beliefs about the president’s supposed evil dictatorial motives, illustrate why the Republicans in the House are acting so irresponsibly. They are catering to a base that lives in a sinister fantasy land where Barack Obama is a tyrant intend on stealing their guns and serving as a dictator for life. When you cater to a ship of fools, you will eventually look and act a fool yourself. It is time to stop treating this segment of the Republican base as rational people who can be reasoned with, and it is time for politicians to stop pandering to voters who have such a tenuous grip on reality.

The Republican base has slipped from what was once the core of an alternative but responsible political party, into a collection of angry, deluded misfits whose paranoid worldviews make them a danger to themselves and to others. While it may not be polite to insult nearly half the members of one of America’s leading political parties, there is no way to sugar coat the obvious. The Republican Party is being steered by people who believe Obama is an evil dictator intent on stealing their guns and staying in power past the 2016 election. Is it any wonder that the leaders they have chosen to represent them have turned the House of  Representatives into a perpetual circus whose main attraction is their repeated and obsessive compulsive attempts to deny reality and to repeal Obamacare?

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