Fox News Poll Finds Disapproval Of GOP Skyrocketing After They Shut Down Government

John Boehner crying

Bad News is everywhere for the Republican Party. Even the Fox News poll has found disapproval of the Republican Party jumping to 59% in their latest poll.

According to the Fox News poll, disapproval of the Republican Party has jumped from 46% in September of 2012 to 59% today. Disapproval of the GOP has climbed from 54% in January to 56% in April to nearing 60% today. Approval of the Republican Party has fallen from 45% to 35%. In contrast, Democratic Party unfavorability has stayed stable in the Fox poll at between 48% and 49% all through 2013.

Support for repealing the ACA has dropped from 39% in June to 30% today. This could mean that the linking of funding the government to defunding or delaying the ACA has completely backfired on the Republican Party. The number of Americans who think that they will be better off under Obamacare has risen by 7 points from 34% to 41%, and by a margin of 36%-19% respondents thought that Ted Cruz’s fake filibuster hurt efforts to repeal the ACA.

Eighty one percent think the government shutdown is a serious problem, and they are blaming John Boehner and Ted Cruz (42%) more than they are blaming Harry Reid and President Obama (32%). A new CBS News poll confirmed the Fox News poll by finding that 44% of Americans blame Boehner and the Republicans for the shutdown, while 35% blame Obama and the Democrats.

The behavior of House Republicans isn’t just hurting their 2014 chances. It is damaging the whole Republican Party. When a Fox News poll finds a sizable margin of people are blaming the Republicans things are really bad. The Fox News polls have always shaded their questions with loaded terms, so it means a lot when a poll that is normally friendly to the GOP finds things going this badly.

Republicans dismiss most polls as “rigged by the liberal media,” but it is difficult for them to ignore a poll that cones from the supposed only real news source that they trust. The government shutdown isn’t just bad for Republicans. It’s disastrous.

All of the Republican talking points blaming Harry Reid and President Obama for the shutdown are failing miserably. Every moment that the shutdown continues compounds the damage. We all knew that this day would come someday. The Republican Party is being destroyed by their own obsession with Obamacare.

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