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Republican Traitors Draped in Tea Keep Their Promise to Break the Government

A government is the system by which a nation is administered and the means by which national policy is enforced, and it serves as the mechanism for determining the policy of the state. Conservatives loathe the idea of government, and instead lust for anarchy of wealth the Founding Fathers understood would lead to the demise of the nation; particularly a young representative democracy comprised of disparate special interests. One fanatical special interest in America has taken the first step in their long crusade to fundamentally transform this nation, and whether Americans are intelligent enough to see it or not, the current Republican government shutdown is what teabaggers came to Washington to do; “break the government of the United States.

During the lead-up to the generous 5-week vacation Congress enjoyed in August, the House Republican Conference handed legislators a planning kit for how best to “Fight Washington for All Americans” that did not resonate with the American people, but it emboldened extremist teabaggers in the House and bore fruit on Tuesday when Republicans shut down the federal government. The latest attack on the government is producing real consequences for millions of Americans affected by what Republicans have forced on the nation, but it is important to understand that it was the Republicans’ plan all along. In fact, the assault on the federal government started over thirty years ago when conservatives’ man-turned-god, Ronald Reagan, saidgovernment was the problem” in his first Inaugural Address in 1981. Now an extremist cult in the House is attempting to eradicate what they believe is America’s problem; the government.

If Americans think conservative traitors will settle for a quick resolution to their well-planned government shutdown, they have not been paying attention to teabaggers, libertarians, and racist southerners who decided that the re-election of an African American man as President was the clarion call to rise up and take down the government. It is no coincidence that for over four years the Koch-funded teabaggers claimed their liberties were trampled on by overbearing government, or that armed revolution will be necessary to “take the country back” to an era when there was no centralized government in America. Unfortunately, the idea of no centralized government is a goal the traitors are intent on through the 2014 midterm elections to teach Americans that they can get along without a federal government according to conservative pundits unafraid of publicizing their intent.

It is important to note that when senseless teabagger Michele Bachmann saidWe’re very excited, it’s exactly what we wanted, and we got it,” she was being honest and is truly celebrating a three year teabagger goal of shutting down the federal government. Iowa Republican Steve King said, “We’ve passed the witching hour of midnight, and the sky didn’t fall, nothing caved in,” and Idaho Republican Raul Labrador concurred that “It’s getting better for us, the moment where Republicans are least popular is right when the government shuts down.” It better start sinking in to the American people that these twisted anti-American terrorists are unaffected by how unpopular their shutdown is if their mindset is “it’s getting better for us,” because their only concern was achieving their goal of breaking the government of the United States. Conservatives contend that the only reason Democrats oppose shutting down the government is that they are terrified Americans “might discover they don’t need a government.”

A conservative pundit at Forbes wrote that Republicans should seek out ways to take credit for the federal government shutdown, and that “members of the party should cheer because of their decision to allow a shutdown and allow it to remain shut through the 2014 elections because it is both good politics and economics.” Teabaggers are unconcerned that 800,000 workers are furloughed and government programs like the Women Infant and Children’s nutritional supplement program (WIC) are suspended, because starving women and children is cheap price to pay if they achieved their mission of breaking the government and sending the economy into a double-dip recession.

The anti-American Grover Norquist is particularly pleased with Republicans because the goal that has eluded him for two decades, “drowning the government in a bathtub,” is within reach because conservatives plan to keep the shutdown in place for the long term and if they can block a debt ceiling increase, the government drowns. Another traitor, Erick Erickson encouraged teabaggers to “keep government shut down” because “life will go on and Americans will see they really can get along without Washington’s constant, daily interference in their lives.” Libertarians like the Koch brothers are celebrating because a shutdown means there are no government regulators in the way of things anti-environmentalists and corporations want to do. Another conservative website wrote that “Sometimes You Have to Let Government Go,” because “it will  free up the private sector to create a lot of additional coin.” The teabagger Heritage Foundation celebrated that the Education Department is closed, and the Daily Caller praised getting rid of the damage inherent when “non-essential personnel” are busy guaranteeing Americans have clean water, safe medicine, and uncontaminated food; things Republicans  want Americans to get along without.

For the ideologically pure conservatives, shutting down the government is not a ploy, leverage, or statement they are willing to let go of quickly. Republicans spent the two previous elections campaigning on an anti-government platform, and when they say they are “fighting Washington” they mean they are fighting the people. This government, from its earliest founding, belongs to “we the people” and it is not the purview of insurgents to shut it down regardless what Reagan, Norquist, or teabaggers say; and yet shut it down they did because it is what they came to Washington to do.

What Americans are witnessing is a concerted effort by ideologically pure conservatives to bring down the government they have lusted to destroy for over for three decades. It is the first salvo in their much-heralded “revolution” to transform America into a libertarian Utopia, and they found legitimacy from right-wing extremists cheering them on and celebrating a truly despicable act of terrorism against the American people. This conservative assault on government is not a new phenomenon, but it is the first time a political movement actively campaigned on ridding America of its national government. With conservatives inciting Republicans to keep the government shut down until 2014, all they have to do is crash the economy when the nation hits the debt ceiling in two weeks and they will have accomplished the mission.




Audio engineer and instructor for SAE. Writes op/ed commentary supporting Secular Humanist causes, and exposing suppression of women, the poor, and minorities. An advocate for freedom of religion and particularly, freedom of NO religion. Born in the South, raised in the Mid-West and California for a well-rounded view of America; it doesn't look good. Former minister, lifelong musician, Mahayana Zen-Buddhist.

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