GOP Freshman Won’t Raise the Debt Ceiling: ‘You’re seeing the tremor before the tsunami’


“You’re seeing the tremor before the tsunami here,” Ted Yoho (R-FL) said, according to the Washington Post. “I’m not going to raise the debt ceiling.”

Ted Yoho is the guy who called the tanning bed tax “racist”, if that gives you any idea of the intellect we’re dealing with here. This guy is threatening to destroy our economy. He has no sense of being wrong or verging into dangerous territory. He’s deluded.

The Washington Post reported the alarming and growing hubris of the freshman Republican:

“This one is from a 72-year-old lady: ‘Way to go, tiger,’ ” said Yoho (R-Fla.), a freshman congressman. In the middle of the government shutdown that he had helped bring on, Yoho is reading texts off his personal cellphone.

Here’s another. “It just says, ‘Shutdown,’ ” Yoho said. “With a smiley face.”

A year ago, Yoho was a large-animal veterinarian in north Florida who had never held elected office. Today, he is part of one of the most influential voting blocs in the House of Representatives, the hard-line conservatives who pushed their own leadership into a risky showdown over President Obama’s health-care law.

So he’s already planning for a bigger act of defiance.

“You’re seeing the tremor before the tsunami here,” Yoho said. “I’m not going to raise the debt ceiling.”

Friday evening we learned that Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) is already letting Republicans threaten to not raise the debt ceiling, which is in and of itself enough to cause global financial trembles. The Speaker took refuge from the Tea Party long ago and has remained hidden under the covers of his bed for the last several years, allowing the money behind the Tea Party madness to run his House out of sheer fear and ineptitude.

It’s time for this country to face the fact that Republicans are suffering from party systemic psychosis – a troubling break from reality, evidenced in noticeable deficits in normal behavior coupled with delusional beliefs of grandiosity and delusions of persecution.

There is simply no way a normal, high functioning, full capacity adult human would think a shutdown of the government was a great thing and would proudly boast that they were bringing about an economic tsunami.

And of course, even more telling is the fact that a politician who was not delusional would know better than to let a reporter see them gloat over the shutdown. A normal politician would understand that this kind of branding harms their party and will land them in the minority in the next election, so it’s best to keep the crazy under wraps. Yoho’s fevered hubris is indicative of a failure to admit or comprehend the reality of the situation.

The systemic delusional state of the Republican Party is probably a result of the epistemic closure bubble encapsulating all but the most intellectual Republicans. The party of Romney momentum defies reality again, and justifies any facts that don’t match up to their delusions as evidence of persecution; i.e., “unskewed polls”. These folks are not dealing with reality, and the fringers have clearly snapped.

This Yoho fellow doesn’t understand enough about this government to be an informed voter, but he is part of the suicide caucus driving the country over the edge of the cliff. He’s Sarah Palin on steroids. Yoho evinces the problem with the Republican Party: Willful ignorance with grandiose ideas of self being allowed way too much power by a weak leader.

But regardless of the cause, a party of mentally ill people is attacking this country from the inside. They are set to take out not just this country, but the world economy. Not hyperbole. I wish it were.

This is why President Obama cannot “negotiate” with Republicans, because to do so would be to reinforce hostage taking as a form of governance. It would further empower these nutjobs.

These people should be left to their own devices on the fringe, but instead, the GOP empowers them to hold a gun to our collective heads and run this country via tyranny of the minority.

The current Republican Party fits the definition of a person suffering from a psychotic break from reality.

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