John Boehner Threatens to Destroy the Economy If Obama Won’t Give Him What He Wants

On ABC’s This Week, Speaker of the House John Boehner issued threatened President Obama and the country with default on debts if his demands aren’t met.


GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: Let me press that. There have been some reports that you have told your own members that you would be willing to put a debt limit on the floor that would pass with democratic votes, even if it didn’t get a majority of the republican caucus. Is that no longer true?

BOEHNER: My goal here is not to have the United States default on its debt. My goal is to have a serious conversation about those things that are driving the deficit and the debt up and the president’s refusal to sit down and have a conversation about this is putting our nation.

STEPHANOPOULOS: He continues to refuse to negotiate, the country is going to default?
BOEHNER: That’s the path we’re on. The president canceled his trip to Asia. I assume — he wants to have a conversation. I decided to stay here in Washington this weekend. He knows what my phone number is. All he has to do is call.

The faux Republican position of compromise has now shifted to one of threats. President Obama has refused to give Boehner what he wants, so now he is threatening to blow up the economy. Speaker Boehner is sticking to the extremist position that Obamacare must be delayed, or the economy gets it.

The interview itself contained a giant Boehner lie. The Speaker falsely claimed that their aren’t the votes to pass a clean CR. This is simply not true. Boehner flatly stated, “We are not going to pass a clean debt limit.” At least 22 House Republicans have publicly stated that they are willing to vote for a clean CR.

Boehner also flip flopped and claimed that he has always wanted to use a government shutdown to get rid of Obamacare. Speaker Boehner made it clear where the Republicans stand. Kill Obamacare, or the economy gets it.

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