Senate Republicans Block Harry Reid’s Bill To Raise The Debt Ceiling Through 2014

Harry Reid

Even though Senate Republicans blocked the bill, Harry Reid set the bar high today with the vote to extend the debt ceiling through 2014.

The vote went as expected as Democrats voting for it, and Republicans voting against it, 53-45.

Yesterday, Sen. Reid said on the Senate floor, “However, Democrats believe a six-week delay of a catastrophic default is not enough to give the economy the confidence it needs to continue growing and recovering. The Senate will vote Saturday on a 15-month measure to ensure the United States government lives up to its obligations, giving the economy certainty and stability over the long term.”

Senate Democrats are adamant that they will not accept any short term extensions.

By blocking the Reid bill today, Senate Republicans have opened the door to Susan Collins’ plan that would end the government shutdown, fund the government for six months, repeal the medical device tax, and raise the debt ceiling through January. House Republicans are already calling the Collins bill, the Collins-Obama bill, and refusing to vote for it. House Appropriations Committee chairman, Rep. Hal Rogers (R-KY) said, “I don’t like it. I keep hearing these reports about the so-called Obama-Collins bill, and I think the White House clearly is behind it.”

Even though, Senate Republicans blocked Harry Reid’s attempt to raise the debt ceiling through next year, it was still an important vote. Senate Democrats have set the bar high. What Sen. Collins is working on isn’t perfect, but it is a step towards what the president wants. Senate Democrats think Collins’ bill doesn’t go far enough, so they won’t support it. Republicans have moved from kill Obamacare to 6 week deal to a six month deal. The longer this goes, the more the offers are tilting towards what Democrats want. Republicans haven’t caved, but they are slowly crumbling.

If the Senate passes the Collins bill, it may be the only option that House Republicans have left if they want to avoid default.

Just like with all the other economic crisis that House Republicans have manufactured, the government shutdown and potential default threat will only end when Boehner decides to cave. If the Speaker of the House is serious about avoiding default, he will have to rely on Nancy Pelosi and the House Democrats to pass a bill with just support of leadership and few House Republican moderates.

Damage will be done to the economy, no matter when the House decides to give in. The vote on Reid’s bill demonstrated that Democrats are serious and are out to end the tea party madness that is hurting the country.

Obama rejected Boehner’s faux six week offer today, and Harry Reid’s bill showed Republicans what it is that Democrats will accept.

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