Sarah Palin Decries The Use of Vets as Props While Using Vets as Props at Million Vet March


While using veterans as props, Sarah Palin decried the use of vets as political props at the heavily politicized million vet march.


Palin was speaking to Greta Van Susteren a.k.a BFF Greta on Fox News when she perfectly summed up the illogical insanity of what the tea partiers were doing today.

Palin said, “Well, I’m here to hopefully help show the veterans that America’s heart for our veterans is immeasurable, and we think it’s atrocious that our military is being used as a political pawn in a political game, and we’re gonna change that. We appreciate these guys, who are the good guys, in the Senate pickin’ up the fight for us. But there are a few things that we can do to show our support. That’s why I’m here.”

At the rally, Palin said that President Obama, “could be here today, saying ‘Yes, we can tear down these barricades’.” The tea party doesn’t want the government open. They are just trying to get the parts of government that they like opened. The great irony here is that the Ted Cruz/Mike Lee/Sarah Palin photo op was protesting their own government shutdown. Palin, Lee, and Cruz were working with Jim DeMint’s Senate Conservatives Fund on attack ads that were used against Republican senators that demanded a government shutdown unless the ACA was killed.

In the typical tea party fashion, the million vet march did not feature a million vets. It didn’t draw a million protesters, and it was protesting the government shutdown that the tea party caused.

Palin and Cruz criticized Obama for using vets as props, while the million vet march was using veterans as props by wheeling elderly veterans around so that tea partiers could touch them like children meeting Santa at the mall. If Republicans really cared about our veterans they would reopen the government, and repeal the cuts to food and healthcare programs for vets that the House Republicans passed.

If Republicans really cared about veterans, they would stop hurting them.

Ted Cruz, Sarah Palin, and Mike Lee trying to win a PR war by hiding behind veterans. The nation is about to default, but these people are worried about our national monuments.

Tea Party Republicans are fighting a battle when they’ve already lost the war.

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