Republicans Owe Us 24 Billion Dollars Plus for the Government Shutdown

ted cruz

Republicans owe this country at least $24 billion. The shutdown cost us at least $24 billion dollars. The shutdown that got Republicans nothing but funding at sequester levels that they claimed wasn’t theirs and blamed Obama for, but now claim as a victory – that sequester.

The Hill broke down Standard & Poor’s analysis of the cost of the shutdown:

The government shutdown cost the nation’s economy at least $24 billion and shaved 0.6 percent off the nation’s economic growth, according to new analysis from Standard & Poor’s.
“The bottom line is the government shutdown has hurt the U.S. economy,” the firm said.

If it looks like the GOP brinksmanship will resurface in a few months, then the economy won’t be recovering and we’ll have another crappy Christmas. In other words, gloom and doom, or “winning” as Republican economic terrorists like to call it.

As some points, the media is going to have to start calling Republicans out on their end goal. Let’s see. They get nothing… So what is the goal? The result is the economy is harmed and America’s credit is dinged and we are a laughing stock. If those are the results and the GOP keeps doing it, at some point, we have to admit that those results ARE THE GOAL.

That means that destroying America’s reputation, credit and economy are the goals of these Republicans, and the non-Tea Party Republicans haven’t the back to stand up to them, so the entire party is operating in service of the destruction of the country.

Last night, Nancy Pelosi saved the country again, bringing her entire caucus to vote yes to save the country from the GOP, while the GOP majority in the House sat on their hands, with 144 of them voting no on saving the country from default.

Normally, it is the party in power in the chamber that votes to raise the debt ceiling. You see, it’s one of those chores the adults do. No one wants to do it. It’s politically toxic to be seen raising the debt ceiling. However, not raising it means our lawmakers are deadbeats who bought a bunch of big screen TVs on their credit cards and then told the credit card company they have no intention of paying it because they don’t have the money and they certainly can’t BORROW the money to pay off their bills. Heavens no. It’s much better to not pay the bills, because fiscal conservatism or something.

Republicans are already making noise about shutting down the government again in 90 days, and they have no plan to repay the $24 billion plus they robbed from the American economy. Maybe someone needs to explain accounting 101 to them, because even as they refuse to raise any revenue, they’re on quite the spending spree with our money.

Republicans owe us this money. Perhaps you will think I am kidding, but I assure you I am not. I was raised to pay my bills and take responsibility for my actions. I expect the same and more from our elected lawmakers.

They won’t pay it back, but asking for it holds them accountable for wasting it. They are “leaders”, they can hardly fear-monger about the deficit and use that to justify their actions, when their actions cost us all $24 billion at the very least.

Con artist Ted Cruz pocketed almost 2 million dollars off of his show. He’s clearly not in this for the country.

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