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Republicans Have Resumed Their Koch Funded Seditious Conspiracy To Destroy Government

For most Americans, when certain disaster is prevented it is normal to breathe a sigh of relief, but if Americans think that just because economic disaster was averted with a temporary debt ceiling increase and short term agreement to fund the government until January, they should temper their relief with the knowledge that Republicans are not finished in their drive to destroy America’s government. The seditious conspiracy to use any means necessary to derail implementation of the Affordable Care Act was months, and millions-of-dollars, in the making, and it is naïve to think the conspirators will abandon their dysfunctional mindset that there are no bounds to impose fascism on America. The American people should brace themselves for a repeat of the last three weeks because a group of Republicans are prepared to destroy the country rather than give up the fight to kill the ACA.

Two days before Speaker John Boehner allowed a vote on the Senate plan to open the government and raise the debt ceiling, Republican operative Pat Buchanan revealed the extremists’ true intent when he exhorted the entire GOP to be “Samson-like and bring down the roof of the temple on everybody’s head” rather than allow the three-year-old health law to move forward. Buchanan was resolute that even if it means the demise of the Republican Party, conservatives should bring America down with them like biblical Samson who killed himself along with countless Philistines when he brought down the temple rather than compromise his ideology. This was, and still is, the intent of extremist conservatives who adhere to the twisted ideology that “extremism in defense of their liberty is no vice,” and the United States is worth destroying if they cannot have their liberty to annul America’s representative democracy.

It is important to remember that Republicans consider being pushed to do their jobs of funding the government they despise and paying the nation’s debts they incurred a defeat. The sentiment was best put in words by Michele Bachmann who saidit is a very sad day” because America’s economy was not decimated, the shutdown only cost taxpayers $24 billion, annualized growth was cut by nearly one percentage point, and hundreds-of-thousands of Americans went back to work. In fact, a Republican congressman who voted against re-opening the government until Jan. 15 and raising the debt ceiling until at least Feb. 7 said he is anxiously looking forward to the next showdown. The Republican, John C. Fleming (R-LA) said just prior to the vote, “I’ll vote against it, but that will get us into Round 2. See, we’re going to start this all over again.” The seditious conspiracy in the war for America is still ongoing and the next major assault is already in the planning stages and there is little any American can do to stop it regardless their appeals to the Department of Justice for relief and protection from the next assault.

According to the extremists attempting to bring down the government, their costly shutdown was disappointing because “ObamaCare is still the law of the land” and they refuse to accept it despite President Obama and the Senate who proposed and voted for it were victorious in the 2012 election. The Republican assailants were also very angry that their shutdown meant “thousands of government workers just got a two-week vacation courtesy of the taxpayers,” and besides more Republican demonization of government and those who work for it, it is an attack on the entire constitutional system of governance. It is critical for Americans to understand that the past three weeks’ events were not solely about the Affordable Care Act, it was, and is, about laying waste to America’s barely functioning democracy.

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Republicans in the House and Senate who voted to keep government closed and destroy the world, and America’s, economy may not have been privy to the seditious conspiracy at its outset, but they followed the plan by attacking the framework of the nation’s governing system with the expressed intent of taking down the government to achieve their goals. As many political observers have opined, Republicans are engaged in a “form of secession and abandonment of the notion of a country under one rule of law,” and they have abandoned partisan opposition and resorted to sabotage to destroy the federal government. It is bad enough that Republicans and teabaggers are on a tear to sabotage the law of the land, but it is criminal that they are actively planning to cause the government to collapse if they cannot impose their form of fascism on the nation.

President Obama said that re-opening the government and averting a global economic disaster was not a victory, and he told Republicans that “how business is done in this town has to change.” It is likely the President hoped to encourage Republicans to stop their machinations to keep America in a perpetual state of crisis, but he is dreaming if he thinks an all-out war to decimate the government is going to end because the extremists were thwarted or suffered a drop in their approval rating. There may well be some Republicans willing to return to the normal process of governing the country, but they are in the minority and based on the number of Republicans voting to send the government into default, it is unlikely few will change their fascist ways.

The extremists in the GOP are Hell-bent on sabotaging this nation’s democracy, and with unlimited funds from the Koch brothers and legislative pressure from Jim DeMint and the Heritage Foundation they will not stop what morphed from a seditious conspiracy into an assault on Constitutional governance until they achieve their ultimate goal. If it means eviscerating the Republican Party to destroy the American government, it appears the events of the past two weeks will be repeated in a little over two months. If Americans are prudent they will hoard what little money they have and batten down the hatches because there are fascists waging a war for America and if they cannot win they will make another attempt to destroy the country in a couple of months.

Americans have witnessed Republicans engage in a concerted effort over the past two-and-a-half years to bring the government to its knees because the people elected an African American as President. In Early in 2012 Republicans began warning their members that “armed revolution” would be necessary to impose their will on the people if President Obama won re-election in 2012.  Although they have not yet brought out their considerable arsenals, they are rebelling against the Constitutional government and are more than willing to see its demise than give up their coup d’état to rule by extremist minority. It is a sad commentary indeed that after 237 years of a functioning representative democracy, Americans are going to be subjected to another assault on their government by ideological extremists driven by racial animus. At least they are forewarned this time that in a little over two months, this country’s government will once again come under a vicious assault by extremists with no compunction to destroy the entire country if they are not victorious.

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