Sen. Ted Cruz Is Raising More Money for Democrats Than He Is For Himself


ted cruz

In September, Congressional Democrats raised a record monthly haul at $8.4 million dollars, per an announcement today by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

The DCCC aide said that the potential of a Republican government shutdown fueled a large portion of the committee’s fundraising this cycle. “About $2 million of the record-breaking haul came from online donations following GOP Sen. Ted Cruz’s filibuster.”

Imagine what they took in during the actual shutdown.


Congressional Democrats now have $20 million cash in the bank for the 2014 elections, per the DCCC.

In comparison, Cruz raised $797,000 off of his faux filibuster, and Jim DeMint’s Hertiage Action banked $330,000. So Cruz’s 21 hour pledge drive raised nearly twice as much money for his opponents than he raised for himself and his allies. Post filibuster, Cruz raised an additional $1.19 million. This means that Democrats raised more money off of Sen. Cruz’s one sideshow trick than Cruz has been able to raise in the last three months.

I promised you in March that Ted Cruz was the new Sarah Palin,. He is indeed living up to my prediction, including being a top fundraiser for Democrats — just like the half term Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin.

Every time either one of them speaks, a concerned citizen donates money to the Democrats.

Ted Cruz is a walking ATM for the Democratic Party. Please proceed, Senator.

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