Tea Party Insult Generator From Actual Insults Posted on John Boehner’s Facebook wall

tea party insult generator

Wondering what to do with yourself post shutdown? Need a little post-shutdown fun?

The Cloture Club brings you the “Tea Party Insult Generator From actual insults posted on John Boehner’s Facebook wall.”

A few examples:

Idiot Muslim-loving commie.
Paid-off fascist sell-out.
Cowardly treasonous turncoat.
Gutless Democrat-loving RINO bastard.
Idiot dickheaded RINO traitor.

You have to go to the link to generate other actual Tea Party insults from Boehner’s wall. Or, if you’re adventurous, you can just post high praise for Obama on your Facebook wall and let the insults come.

In the last few days, I’ve been told I should be shot, told to go “f*ck yourself, you c*nt”, “f*ck off and die you Commie $$hole”, and other goodies from alleged Christian conservatives who are morally superior to the rest of us because they think America should not pay off her debt.

shot threat twitter

If your Facebook friends don’t take the bait, accuse the Tea Party of being racists. That one works every time, because it’s true.

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