Ted Cruz Wastes Taxpayer Money By Making Police Investigate a Threatening Tweet


It turns out the threat to his personal safety that Ted Cruz blamed the left for on CNN was really a tweet, which he reported to the police who are are spending taxpayer money on their investigation.

Yesterday on CNN, Cruz blamed the left for the threat against him, “You know, some of that is a natural outgrowth of the animosity and venom. You know, I have to admit that I read Twitter daily, and I actually read a lot of those on the far left who are attacking me daily with incredible personal venom and nastiness. I think that’s really unfortunate. We should be able to treat each other with civility in public discourse. We should be able to treat each other with respect. I very consciously do not reciprocate the attacks that are launched my way, and in fact I don’t defend myself.”

It turns out that Sen. Cruz really was threatened, but it wasn’t a threatening phone call or letter that made Cruz summon the police. It was a tweet. Yes, a tweet.

According to The Hill,

A person identifying himself as Troy Gilmore Jr., posted on Twitter Friday morning: “Take down Ted Cruz, at his home” and listed Cruz’s home address in Houston.”What goes around comes around CRUZ!!” the person wrote.

The author of the threat uses the Twitter handle @ArmyVet54 and identifies himself as having served in the U.S. Army and Navy.
Sean Rushton, Cruz’s spokesman, said, “We’re aware of it and have alerted the proper authorities.”

“I can’t comment further on security matters,” he said.

At about 5:30 pm on Friday, @ArmyVet54 posted another apparent threat, urging that Cruz “needs tobe [sic] taught a street wise [sic] lesson”.

Twitter threats are for people who are too lazy to send a threatening email. All threats against elected officials must be taken seriously, but if you have used Twitter before, you know a threat is as common as a hello on the 140 character or less social media platform.

It is likely that Cruz and his people, a.k.a. Teddy and The Cruzers were looking for a threat use as a fundraising gimmick to further their belief that Cruz is the next great Republican chosen one.

The police should be laughing at Cruz, and the Texas Senator should be ashamed of his waste of taxpayer money by asking law enforcement to investigate a tweet. Sen. Cruz seems to have no qualms about wasting taxpayers money. After all, this is a man who cost the taxpayers $24 billion with his defund Obamacare government shutdown publicity stunt.

If Cruz can’t handle a threat on Twitter, he definitely couldn’t walk a step in President Obama’s shoes. Some Republicans have been disrespecting and threatening this president since the day that he took office. If Cruz had to face 1% of the threats and ugliness that President Obama has confronted he would either be curled up in the fetal position under his desk, or on the first slow boat to Quebec.

Cruz is pulling from the full Sarah Palin playbook now, and he has found a new way to waste taxpayer money by forcing the police to investigate scary tweets. It looks like Ted Cruz is missing some cojones.

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