Republicans Set The Constitution Ablaze While Killing One Million American Jobs

At the beginning of each session of Congress, every member swears a straightforward oath that they will support and defend the Constitution of the United States and “faithfully discharge the duties of the office.” One of their duties is keeping the government running and paying its bills, but since January 2009, Republicans have broken their oath of office repeatedly by deliberately undermining the government’s ability to function and creating as much economic damage as possible with an emphasis on killing Americans’ jobs.

It is likely teabaggers and Republicans do not understand the purpose of the Constitution, and it is curious because it is concisely stated in the preamble that says, “We the People, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, and promote the general Welfare.” Obviously, Republicans violated their oath when they closed the government on October 1st and threatened to default on its debts that exposed their purpose of preventing domestic tranquility and undermining the general welfare of the people and the government. Last week, 18 Republicans in the Senate and 144 in the House violated their oath again when they voted to default on the government’s debts and against re-opening the government that damaged private sector businesses as well as cost the nation $24 billion.

The Republicans’ latest legislative malfeasance was a continuance of their three-and-a-half year crusade to keep the government in crisis that has cost Americans over one million jobs and reduced GDP growth by 0.3% each year that translates into nearly one percentage point of economic damage since Republicans won control of the House in 2010.  Despite killing jobs and retarding economic growth with their numerous fiscal crises, conservatives are panting to increase economic damage in the future by removing or replacing any Republican who did not vote for a default and continued shut down by electing candidates who will “not look to meet in the middle.” Apparently, the shutdown that killed 120,000 American jobs and reduced fourth quarter GDP by at least 0.6% was not enough damage for extremist conservatives and they are livid with Republicans that Rafael Cruz saiddamaged the Republican brand” by “caving” and fulfilling their oath of office.

If Americans thought freakoid revolutionaries like Ted Cruz (TB-TX) and Mike Lee (TB-UT) were discouraged by their low approval ratings and damage they wrought on the Republican Party, they can rest assured there are more wing-nuts waiting in the wings to join them and disavow their oath of office and the U.S. Constitution. The teabaggers’ goal was best summed up by then-candidate Cruz who said in 2011 that it would “fundamentally shift the character of the Senate if the five or six strong conservatives elected to the Senate in 2012 became 10 or 12,” and it portends more damage to America and its people from right-wing extremists panting to win seats in the Senate and begin shredding the Constitution on the way to dismantling the government.

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Anti-government conservatives are lining up at least three Cruz-like cretins to run against establishment Republicans who voted to re-open the government and pay the nation’s bills according to the Constitutional mandate that “the public debt of the United States, authorized by law…shall not be questioned.”   The three challengers said they would have voted in concert with Lee and Cruz to default on the nation’s debt unless the President paid a ransom, and would have opposed every deal that settled any of the Republicans’ fiscal crises because as Ben Sasse, a 42-year-old former Health and Human Services assistant secretary calling himself “the anti-Obamacare candidate” says; “I’m not looking to meet in the middle.” Sasse is one of the anti-constitution challengers pledging to break the oath of office if he is elected to the Senate and was promptly endorsed by the Senate Conservatives Fund that backed Cruz and Lee. Sasse is running for retiring Nebraska Senator Mike Johanns’ seat who voted according to the Constitution to pay the nation’s debts and re-open the government. The only thing Sasse has not yet touted is how breaking the oath of office and rejecting the Constitution is tantamount to fighting for liberty; a claim two other Cruz acolytes and Senate hopefuls say is what defaulting on the nation’s debt is all about.

The man challenging Senator Thad Cochran (R-MS) is Chris McDaniel, a 41-year-old Mississippi state senator who said, “I am reminded of that first revolution. I stand here with you, with the silent majority of Americans who believe we can retake this country, who still believe in liberty.” According to McDaniel, paying the nation’s debt without “concessions out of the compromise” is untenable and he claims he would have “stood and fought  because you fight every day, you get in the trenches, you do the right thing for your republic even if it hurts.”

McDaniel, like Republicans who voted for a credit default, reveals that in his dysfunctional mind rejecting the constitutional mandate to pay the nation’s debts is good for the republic even though it hurts the republic, the people, and the world’s financial system. His primary challenge so excited the conservative Club for Growth that they immediately gave him $1 million to unseat “a career politician bankrupting our country” by paying the country’s debts. The dysfunctional thinking is only matched by the probability that a freak-of-nature like McDaniel could actually unseat an establishment Republican who faithfully discharged the duties of the office and fulfilled his sworn oath.

A South Carolina state senator, Lee Bright, is challenging Senator Lindsey Graham because he voted against Cruz and Lee to pay the nation’s debts. Bright said “I would have voted with Cruz and Lee. There’s nothing they’ve done up to this point that I disagree with. We lost, but at least we’ve got a roll call vote in the Senate, and we know which senators fought for liberty, and which ones put up the white flags before the battle started. We’ve got a list.” Bright is hopeful that more conservative senators will put the fear into “squishy moderates” the next time Congress is expected fulfill their sworn oath to fund the government or raise the debt limit; two Constitutional obligations Senators swear to faithfully discharge as duties of the office.

It is really unclear where, or why, these dysfunctional teabaggers come up with their idea that liberty is equated with opposing the United States Constitution or a sworn oath to discharge the duties of the office they either seek or already hold. The Constitution, like the “public debt, shall not be questioned,” but for extremist conservatives the Constitution, like the oath to support and defend it, is an arbitrary concept Republicans and teabaggers will shred as they “fight for liberty” to dismantle the government because Americans twice elected an African American man as President.



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