Coach Dave Daubenmire Says Anti-Bullying Efforts Bully Christians

Dave Daubenmire Bullying

“Coach” Dave Daubenmire, who earlier this year seemed to protest just a wee bit too much about how he was tired of being sodomized by the left, said this week that bullying is a problem – the bullying of Christians, that is, who want to bully gays.

When that happens, Daubenmire says, “When someone says something their conscience tells them to say and everyone rises up against them, then we see that majority begin to bully the minority.”

Watch courtesy of Right Wing Watch:

I don’t think I’ve ever heard a better excuse for brutality, a better excuse for the Nuremberg defendants, than that given right there by Coach Dave Daubenmire.

Imagine the Nazis trying to use the defense – which is perfectly in line with what they were thinking at the time – because these war criminals had a good conscience too.

How can it possibly have been wrong to kick or push or hell, just gun down a few Jews if their they were only doing what their conscience told them to do? Why can’t conservative Christians do the same thing today to Muslims or atheists or Pagans?

It is so easy to rationalize bigotry and hatred and imbue it with holy purpose – persecutions, crusades, inquisitions, pogroms. Bullying.

Makes you wonder if Coach Dave has a brain, or like a spider, just a nerve cluster under the baseball cap.

“And you know what’s happening in America? We’re beginning to see Christians, and Christian ideas, and Christian values become the most bullied things in all of this nation.”

In fact – if Daubenmire wants to talk about facts – Christians are not the minority in this nation. It is the other religions that are the minorities. It is the bullied gays who are a minority. It is atheists and Pagans and Hindus and Muslims who are minorities.

And if it is not a majority of Christians it is a Christian majority that does the bullying in this country.

So again we see the Religious Right’s idea of religious freedom rear its ugly head – the idea that Christians can do or say anything they want, they can bully and persecute anyone they want, and if anybody objects, that person is instantly guilty of bullying or persecuting Christians.

Yet somehow, the Christian is NOT “guilty” of bullying. Bullying is a “religious freedom” only Christians seem to have.

Because as fifth century Egyptian monk Shenoute said, “there is no crime for those who have Christ.” Because, as Pope Benedict XVI said, Truth trumps tolerance. It’s an old story, unchanged in twenty centuries.

In other words, all you victims of conservative Christian bigotry out there, you have no right to object, let alone fight back. Just lay back and enjoy it while the storm troopers like Dave Daubenmire work you over to cover up their own doubts, insecurities, and likely, latent homosexuality.

And look, Dave says he doesn’t like bullying but bullying makes you tough. Coach Dave’s Family Values don’t include actually protecting our children from bullies. He’s just protecting all of us from sissification after all. Sorta like those inquisitors were just protecting folks from Satan while they tortured and murdered them with sadistic glee.

Yeah, it may be that God loves ya, but his self-appointed agents on earth, like Dave Daubenmire, sure don’t.

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