Nicole Wallace Warns Republicans to Stop Railing Against The Obama Administration

nicole wallace

In an appearance on MCNBC’s Morning Joe, Nicole Wallace (former George W. Bush adviser and McCain/Palin campaign adviser) ruined all of the gang’s orgasmic revelry of false equivalency over Obama’s bad numbers in the latest NBC/WSJ poll by pointing out that Republicans have even worse numbers, and there seems to be no bottom for the party.

Wallace then warned Republicans to stop being about nothing but criticism, “So I think the peril in looking at these numbers for President Obama is to continue down the path of railing against his administration’s policies.”

Watch here:

The Republican Party’s approval ratings are at an all time low according to a new NBC News/WSJ poll that shows just 22% have positive feelings for the GOP while 53% see it negatively, but the President is also at an all time low according to this poll, with 45% having negative feelings about Obama and just 41% viewing him a favorable light. These two things are clearly not the same, since 41 is much bigger than 22.

After Mike and Joe expressed scornful disdain for President Obama’s falling poll numbers, Joe Scarborough said, “I don’t see things getting better for either side after the shutdown. Republicans think they’re getting a boost from the President’s problems can see it’s just not enough to be against their guy, Republicans have to come up with their own ideas.”

Nicole Wallace (another reality based Republican strategist trying desperately to awaken the party before it’s too late) responded, “That’s right and if you look at these numbers we keep talking about arriving at some sort of floor for Republicans, and what’s so stunning is the bottom keeps getting lower and lower.”

She continued, “What Republicans have to take…. – we have to draw a line in the sand and decide that every time we’re in front of a camera it’s an opportunity to talk about what we’re for. So I think the peril in looking at these numbers for President Obama is to continue down the path of railing against his administration’s policies.”

Shortly thereafter, Sen. John Thune (R-SD) joined the show to express glee that the media is obsessed with the bad ObamaCare rollout, so no one is asking Republicans why they shutdown the government. This is like being excited that he cheated on his LSAT and got into a good school. Republicans are still going to have to perform at some point — they can’t cheat their way through everything.

And that is precisely Nicole Wallace’s point. Yes, Obama is taking a hit right now (due in no small party to media malfeasance regarding the ACA exchanges), but he is also not running for office again. And he is nowhere near 22% approval ratings. If the media gets this concerned over 41% approval ratings for the President, one wonders why they are equating this equally with a stunningly low 22% approval for the GOP.

If the public blames both parties for the shutdown, that is also the fault of less than accurate reporting. Republicans can take glee in the public being fooled again, but they are only fooling themselves if they take complete refuge in having dirtied the President on their way down.

Immigration reform is coming, and Republicans can’t handle it. It is poised to expose them once again as the do-nothing, extremist, nihilistic, radical obstructionists that they are.

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