Conservative Group Urges Republicans to Destroy Themselves For ENDA Hating ‘Family Values’


“This bill will create unprecedented employment privileges for homosexuals and transsexuals,” Public Advocate hissed in warning to conservatives. “Family” is being assaulted if gay people have rights at work. The end is near.

The Public Advocate has been around since 1981 just waiting, apparently, to make their move to shrink the GOP tent down to size lest it get too big. They see just such a danger now, so even though a 2011 poll found that 73% supported prohibiting workplace discrimination against gays and lesbians, they want Republicans to refuse to pass ENDA.

In a article titled, “Senator Heller Gets In Bed With Gay Lobby– Stabs Family In Back On ENDA vote”, they detail how standing up for all Americans’ rights is stabbing “family” in the back. (Like all conservatives, the Public Advocate seems to think they are in charge of definitions as well, and yet they complain if others get any privileges at all. Huh.)


Commence concern about the death of family values, “Most of the Washington establishment and even many in the conservative movement has noted with pasivity (sic) and reserved condemnation the Homosexual assault on family values in the form of a new gay bill of rights being considered in the U.S. Senate, S. 816. The near unanimous actions, behavior and shouted policy is TO SAY LITTLE.”

Indeed, the Public Advocate has contacted these Senators engaging in a “Homosexual assault” (not an actual assault by guns, which these folks are all for — go figure) and they want everyone to know that silence is support for the gay lobby.

“On Friday, Public Advocate president Eugene Delgaudio contacted Tennessee audiences with this message: (similar messages sent to 11 other “silent” Senator’s state constiutencies (sic) and residents ).”

They then detail how the “Gay Bill of Special Rights” is being secretly supported — cue scary music:

Insider sources are reporting that the Senate is expected to vote on the Gay Bill of Special Rights (S.815) this week!
It looks like Senate leadership is trying to keep this quiet until the last second — so that you and I don’t have a chance to fight it.
But now we have got a crucial jump on their plans.
And I am going to need your full support to make the most of it.
You and thousands of other Tennesseans have been contacting your Senator Lamar Alexander, asking him to reverse his support for S.815.
But he hasn’t budged yet.
This bill will create unprecedented employment privileges for homosexuals and transsexuals.”

The Public Advocate “has grown into a dedicated group of young conservatives in Washington, D.C., with a network of volunteers and supporters nationwide,” they say on their About Us page.

In case you have the good sense to question the definition of “Family values” when used to take away rights from some Americans by folks who are still celebrating “Chick-fil-a day” as if taking rights away should be treated like Rosa Park’s bravery, they gave a “Family Advocate Award” to Sarah Palin for shooting a bear and “hitting” Piers Morgan with it.”Family Advocate Award: Sarah Palin Shoots Bear & Hits Morgan”.

So, violence, death, mocking and hatred are conservative “family values”. Got it. Jesus would surely be proud – I recall specifically His smirking pleasure in others’ pain, and his prideful joy in killing.

The Public Advocate has spent weeks accusing various lawmakers and candidates of being “in bed” with the gay lobby, which is a super stealth way of insinuating that said lawmaker is gay. I don’t think gay means what they think it does anymore… But anyway.

Poof (pardon me, I thought we were in the 60s fr some reason) goes the Big Tent.

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