Complaint Filed Urging the IRS to Investigate the Koch Brothers for Violating Tax Laws


CREW has filed a complaint that urges the IRS to investigate the Koch Brothers for violating numerous tax laws, while trying to anonymously funnel money to Republican candidates.

CREW detailed their complaint to the IRS,

CREW also filed a complaint with the IRS asking for an investigation into the activities of Freedom Partners Chamber of Commerce, Inc., a 501(c)(6) organization linked to the Koch Brothers. In its application to the IRS, Freedom Partners claimed it would be “promot[ing] the common business interests and conditions of its members, in order to improve their competitive standing and innovation in various lines of business, industries, etc. in which they are engaged.” In reality, Freedom Partners has done nothing except funnel anonymous money into other tax-exempt organizations.

During the 2011 reporting period, Freedom Partners’ activities consisted exclusively of providing more than $235 million in grants to 30 different tax-exempt groups — including politically active organizations like the Center to Protect Patient Rights, Americans for Prosperity, and the National Rifle Association. Because the grants were provided for “general support,” there is no guarantee the money was spent furthering the common business interests of Freedom Partners and its members, as the law requires.

What the Koch brothers are doing is common practice on the right. These common business organizations actually have nothing to do with business. Their purpose is to move millions of dollars to the network of right wing anonymous organizations. Since the Supreme Court opened the floodgates with the Citizens United decision, the Koch brothers have set up a vast dark money network with the goal in mind of complete ownership of the government.

CREW’s complaint is important because it brings the Koch brothers unwanted attention. The Kocks don’t want the people to figure out that their democracy is under threat from a handful of conservative billionaires. It is clear that what the Kochs and other right wing billionaires are doing is a violation of the tax code.

The Koch brothers aren’t content with breaking the law. They want to be the law. They are breaking the law, and they need to be stopped.

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