Bill Maher Destroys Conservatives for Telling The Poor to F**k Off and Die


Bill Maher obliterated conservatives who have declared war against the poor, and their multitude of excuses for being cruel to working people.


Maher said, “I am sure that there are millions of Christians who try to actually follow Jesus, but you gotta admit conservatives always seem to have a reason why they would love to give, but they just can’t. We would love to help the unemployed, but it would discourage working. I believe in charity, just not for people who need it. Of course we’d like it if everyone could see a doctor. We’re not monsters, but if the government does it, it will destroy our way of life. Plus, the website is glitchy, which leads to Stalinism. Oh sure, we’d like to help people who are starving. But what if they use the strength from not starving to take drugs? Yes, there’s always a good, moral Christian reason to tell everyone you meet to f**k off and die.”

Faith is just the excuse that conservatives use to hide their selfish ideology. If they couldn’t claim that Jesus wants poor people to pull themselves up by their own bootstraps, they would be claiming that it is a matter of fairness that working people get less, and poor people less still. It makes them especially hypocritical when they find the opposite meaning in the teachings of Jesus, but it is no different from conservatives making up their reality to fit their ideology on a daily basis.

What conservatives are preaching has nothing to do with Jesus, and everything to do with Ayn Rand. Since they can’t claim a moral superiority as a basis for their lack of compassion by quoting Ayn Rand, they wrap themselves around a combination of Jesus, the flag, and Ronald Reagan.

Conservatives always have an excuse for their cruelty, but that excuse isn’t based on Jesus. It’s based on a fantasy, and a broken ideology that has for decades caused nothing but economic pain and despair for the majority when implemented.

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