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Republican Condemns President Obama For Not Using the Old Testament to Guide Policy

The Crusades were religious conflicts during the High Middle Ages through the end of the Late Middle Ages conducted under the sanction of the Catholic Church that lasted over a 200-year period and ended in failure. It is highly likely that the Founding Fathers were aware of the history of the church’s influence on European leaders to participate in a war against Islam that led them build a “wall of separation” between church and state as well as assert unanimously that not only was America not a Christian nation, but it had no enmity toward Muslims. It is 216 years since Founding Father John Adams elucidated America’s secular foundation and desire for peace toward Islam, and yet there is a group of religious conservatives yearning for a new biblical crusade against Islam in defense of Old Testament Israel. It is astonishing, but one of their champions used the floor of the House of Representatives to condemn President Obama for not utilizing Old Testament prophecy as a guiding force for Middle East policy, and then warned of the dire consequences of America siding with Israel’s enemies.

It was not the first time rabid evangelical Representative Louie Gohmert (R-TX) invoked scriptural fire and brimstone in condemning the Obama Administration’s alleged love affair with radical Islam. He stood on the floor of the House of Representatives and literally cited scripture and verse (Genesis 12) regarding Israel’s roots as evidence President Obama betrayed Israel and bible mythos he claimed would bring the wrath of god down on America for abandoning Israel. In what can only be described as evangelical lunacy, Gohmert even claimed past administrations depended on bible prophecies to guide America’s relationship with Israel and the Middle East.

Gohmert said, “There are many who have been aware of Scripture, and it has often been a guide in our relations with Israel. Some of us believe that the Bible is accurate. Certainly, so many prophesies have been fulfilled, and if that is true, this administration, unless they can find a verse that accurately says that those who betray Israel will be blessed, then this country is being dug in a deeper hole by this administration and its betrayals of Israel’s trust and Israel’s friendship.”

For the biblically ignorant, there is no verse in the Christian bible, Old or New Testament, that remotely mentions America’s support or betrayal of Israel, or if there is an accompanying curse or blessing on the United States because evangelicals think “this administration” fails to be Israel’s friend or trusted ally. Nonetheless, Gohmert is certain that “This was viewed as being the first time in people’s memory when the United States, by and through the Obama administration, had taken action that was very adverse to Israel; normally we did not side with Israel’s enemies.” While he was in his biblical, pro-Israel, and “anti-Islam” discourse, Gohmert reiterated a favorite, but thoroughly debunked, “Obama loves radical Islam” claim that the President engaged in an apology tour of Islamic nations and has “thrown his support behind Israel’s enemies;” particularly the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood.

According to Gohmert, America is siding with Israel’s enemies because back in April 2010 while speaking at a 47-nation nuclear summit, President Obama urged all countries, including Israel, to sign the international Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, or NPT. The President said, “Whether we’re talking about Israel or any other country, we think that becoming part of the NPT is important. And that, by the way, is not a new position. That’s been a consistent position of the United States government, even prior to my administration.” The three-year-old remark by the President, in Gohmert’s scriptural mind, means the United States became allies with Israel’s enemies by thinking that, to prevent a nuclear arms race and Middle East nuclear conflagration, Israel, or any other country, should sign an international nuclear non-proliferation treaty as a hedge against nuclear war.

Gohmert’s biblical outburst is likely in response to Israel’s condemnation of negotiations between Iran and six United Nation powers to curb the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program that has Israel in an uproar. Gohmert, a Christian Crusader, took umbrage with the negotiations because there is nothing he, and his ilk, would love more than for Israel to launch a strike against the Islamic Republic of Iran to bring the United States into another Middle East conflict to annihilate Muslims in defense of Old Testament Israel, fulfill prophecy, and initiate the war of Armageddon. However, the issue at hand is why, in a secular nation, members of the House sit on their hands and allow an aspiring holy man and current member of Congress to cite Old Testament prophecies to condemn the President of the United States for not basing Middle East policy on bible prophecy; particularly as a reason to rage against Muslims.

Back in September three Republican evangelical Islamophobes, Gohmert, Michele Bachmann, and Steve King travelled to Egypt to express their gratitude and support for the Egyptian military for staging a coup d’état that deposed democratically elected President Morsi. Interestingly, while he rained down Old Testament scripture on House representatives, Gohmert said “Israel should be our friend” because throughout the Middle East, only they believe more in democratic actions like we do in the United States, and yet two months earlier he praised the Egyptian military for ousting the people’s democratic choice as President because of his connections to the Muslim Brotherhood.

It is long past the time that some sane member of Congress, the media, or a high-school sophomore take Gohmert, or any congressional crusader aside and remind them that the bible is not a valid document for guiding American foreign policy or basing anti-woman, anti-gay, anti-religious freedom legislation conservative Christians are bound to by their religious dysfunction. Maybe if Gohmert and his Christian crusaders would spend one-tenth the time reading the Constitution, or real American history, as they do their ancient religious mythology they would come to the realization that America has never been a Christian nation, there is no natural enmity between America and Muslims, and that the United States has always been Israel’s staunchest ally and only friend. And, if Israel is butt-hurt because President Obama  and the United Nations are seeking a peaceful resolution to Iran’s nuclear ambitions, they can begin sending back the billions of dollars in military aid this nation gives them every year and do what the Old Testament commands; trust that god will protect them.



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