Nancy Pelosi Guts David Gregory’s Republican Talking Points and ACA Lies


Democratic House Leader Nancy Pelosi destroyed David Gregory and his Affordable Care Act lies on Meet The Press with a display of facts, truth, and no apologies.


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DAVID GREGORY: There is a crisis of confidence, and the country feels it, about Obamacare. But it seems to go deeper. Thirty-nine Democrats voting with the Republicans on this bill that doesn’t look like it’s gonna go forward. Has it reached a point where Democrats don’t believe the president can pull this off and can make Obamacare work?

REP. NANCY PELOSI: No, I remind you that, now, 39 voted for this resolution the other day; the number has been in the 30s when it was to agree with them on the mandate for businesses, the mandate for individuals. So this is approximately the same number.

DAVID GREGORY: But there is some real frustration among your Democratic–

REP. NANCY PELOSI: This is true.

DAVID GREGORY:–caucus there.

REP. NANCY PELOSI: True, but you focused on the number, and the number is approximately the same of two, three months ago, as it is today. When the Republicans put forth a political initiative, people respond to it politically.

DAVID GREGORY: But I think the question is really are they losing confidence in the president’s–


DAVID GREGORY: –ability to make Obamacare work?

REP. NANCY PELOSI:No. Let me just say this, because on all these specifics, we have to completely step back and see the bigger picture. What I love about health care professionals is that they’re calm, and we must remain calm when we talk about the health of our country. The Affordable Care Act, as I call it, as I always called it, is right up there with Social Security, Medicare:

Affordable care for all Americans as a right, not a privilege.
The rollout of the website, that’s terrible. But the fact is that will be fixed. And that is the instrument of enrollment, as you know. What the Republicans did on Friday is not a fix. And if I just may, the law does not demand that all of these cancellations go out. The law says if you had your plan of the law, you can keep it, and that’s what the president said. So there’s a distinction between those who had it before, and what this law does is say other people can be enrolled in these bad initiatives, which the rules–

The point of the whole interview for Gregory wasn’t to be objective. His introduction to show said that the White House was shaken, there was a crisis of confidence in the president, and Democrats were abandoning him. Gregory had his narrative, and he wasn’t interested in the facts about what is really going on.

Gregory tried to get Pelosi on the Democrats defecting from Obama, but the Democratic leader used facts to shoot that down. He tried gotcha journalism with a video clip, but Pelosi explained why what she said was true. David Gregory even got part of the healthcare law wrong when he claimed that the law mandated that junk policies had to be canceled, and he was corrected by Rep. Pelosi.

The problem for the media is that this story is quickly running out of life. The media is going along with Republicans in pushing the belief that the website will never be fixed. They are assuming that the website will remain broken, because their story is pointless if they have to admit that this is a short term problem that is improving by the day. Obama’s presidency can’t be in crisis is the website is being fixed, so they have to pretend like it isn’t.

Nancy Pelosi didn’t play games with David Gregory. She shot down his BS, and gutted his attempt push a false story about a crisis that exists only in the minds of the mainstream media. The truth is that the news is slow, so the media decided to blow the website issues up into a presidency destroying moment.

Democrats know that once people sign up for the ACA, they will like it. They also know that if Republicans want to run in November 2014 on a website that has been fixed for ten months, they are more than happy to let them.

Nancy Pelosi gave Democrats a road map for handling media over the next couple of weeks. No retreat, no surrender, and no apologies for making the healthcare system better for hundreds of millions of people.

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