Nancy Pelosi Mocks House Republicans Over Their Blank 2014 Agenda

House GOP agenda

Stumbling around pointing fingers while gleefully mocking Obama for trying to help save millions of Americans’ lives might feel great, but it’s not doing much for Congress’ 9% approval ratings.

So House Republicans have yet another Hail Mary idea to save themselves with the voters they’ve been busy alienating for years. A new fiscal agenda! One that allegedly will address the concerns of people.

Only problem? It’s blank.

Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was not impressed. “‏The House GOP’s 2014 blank agenda proves they are officially out of ideas,” she tweeted, linking to a Politico article.

When Eric Cantor (R-VA) passed out GOP Agenda 2014, it was blank according to Jake Sherman and John Bresnahan at Politico.

Last Thursday, a group of House Republicans filed into Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s Capitol office suite and received a blank piece of paper labeled “Agenda 2014.”

This blank agenda is another attempt at rebranding. Republicans are now going to focus on the problems they are allegedly solving with their policies, instead of the importance of the policy itself. This polls better, you see, they explained to Politico, sounding a bit too much like a stalker trying to find just the right way to hit on his victim. This is, after all, rebrand number 3 (?) in a year’s time, and they have all failed.

It might be the policies.

Still licking their chops over the people who have to change insurance plans while ignoring the 47 million who do not have any insurance at all and will finally get it under ObamaCare, Republicans see openings in energy costs and job training programs, among other issues. They think they can sell drilling here and now by talking about energy costs to the average American.

And that’s all fine, except that under Obama we’re setting record growth in oil rigs and it hasn’t done much to the price of gas for reasons that liberals have understood and tried to explain to Drill Baby Drill bumper sticker energy “experts” like Sarah Palin to no avail.

No matter — the facts seldom get in the way of the Republican Party’s jingles. But as always with the GOP, Politico reported, “Details, at this point, are scant…”

Yes. Because it is hard to rebrand already rejected policies especially when the GOP base is deadset on the very social issues the Republicans have been pushing as get out the vote tactics for years, so there isn’t a lot of room for thinking outside of the box.

This is the reality facing the GOP post shutdown – and the shutdown was only the cherry on top of years of 47% contempt for average Americans. But that is why this news isn’t making headlines. It’s vast and it impacts our country daily – so of course, the media is loath to discuss it.

The Democrats are flawed and imperfect and annoyingly refusing to embrace the bold liberalism that actually appeals to people even in the south (see Kentucky), but at least their platform is aimed at using government money and resources to help people; the GOP uses government money to socialize corporate losses and subsidize corporate risks while letting the people starve. It’s hard to sell those “ideas” to very people paying for the funding. It requires a lot of fear-mongering and distraction with ginned up social issues.

Can the GOP save themselves from the shutdown, or better yet, can the media single-handedly rescue the GOP from their own reckless incompetence by eagerly passing off GOP talking points as news?

They’re trying. In the meantime, here’s a deep, totally rebranding blank page for you to ponder as you consider which party has your best interests at heart.

Republicans are trying, but a blank agenda is just bad optics for a party that’s been branded as the party of No, the party of No Ideas, and the party of obstruction. They should revert back to their big font tricks and waving pamphlets with the word “jobs” printed in desperate repetition – blank agendas are a bit too close to the truth, though I applaud them for leaving the corporate logos off.

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