Stock Market Hits Record High of 16,000 Under ‘Terrible Socialist’ Barack Obama


David Plouffe, 2008 campaign manager for Barack Obama, isn’t going to miss this opportunity. When the Dow Jones hit 16,000 for the first time Monday morning, Plouffe tweeted, “DJIA 6443 March 6 2009. DJIA 16000+ Nov 18 2013. That terrible socialist, @BarackObama.”

The Dow Jones industrial average hit 16,000 for the first time this morning, and the Nasdaq began within 15 points of 4,000 (last seen in 2000). The S&P 500, which passed $16 trillion in market value for the first time, is up 26.1%.

With consumer spending driving our economy, the question now is will shoppers take us even higher or will profit taking mitigate much of the gain.

These numbers aren’t new – all summer long, we’ve been making record gains in the stock market. Instead of discussing the good news or the ramifications of said good news, our media has been busy chasing down fake scandals, ginned up scandals, and finally – oh finally—a real scandal – a website with a glitch.

In July, stocks were up 110% under Obama, closing in on Reagan’s 116%.

Expect to hear nothing about this, just like we heard nothing about the record surplus in June.

Obama has now stolen national security and the economy from Republicans. The media tells us Obama is finished as a President because of the website glitches, but my money is on what other issue he can steal from the GOP before 2016.

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