Sarah Palin Is Protesting NBC Because They Won’t Suspend or Fire Martin Bashir


Sarah Palin has canceled a Christmas interview with Matt Lauer, because NBC refuses to suspend or fire Martin Bashir.

Fox News’ paid media propagandist lapdog Howard Kurtz wrote,

The former Alaska governor and Fox News contributor was scheduled to sit down with Matt Lauer for a Christmas season interview. That’s now toast.

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Palin has now canceled Lauer’s scheduled trip to Wasilla, a source close to her tells me. It’s not because Palin is upset with Lauer or the “Today” show, but as a protest against NBC for not taking action against Bashir. In fact, Palin once sat in as a “Today”co-host.

Tim Crawford, treasurer of Palin’s political action committee, had told NBC News President Deborah Turness and MSNBC President Phil Griffin that “Americans deserve to know that your network doesn’t condone violent and hateful rhetoric.”

Sarah Palin is mad because Martin Bashir called out her racism, so she is canceling Christmas with Matt Lauer.

What will Lauer do now that he doesn’t have to go the whole way to Wasilla in December? This move hurts Palin more than NBC, but it is the next logical step in her desperate attempt to milk the Bashir thing for all it is worth in order to sell books.

Bashir did something that few people in the mainstream media have the guts to do. He called out her racism. Sister Sarah is offended because she got called out. As the governor, Palin was sued because she refused to sign the Juneteenth proclamation.

Since losing the 2008 election, Sarah Palin has spent years lobbing racist attacks at President Obama. Palin has accused the president of everything from shucking and jiving to being lackadaisical.

Sarah Palin deals in racism. Her constant references to slavery aren’t an accident.

NBC has already given way too much airtime to Palin. Sarah Palin is the one with the crappy Christmas book to push. It is the height of delusional arrogance for Palin to think that NBC will be hurt by her “protest.”

It isn’t 2008 anymore, Sarah. It’s over, and you need all the free airtime that you can get. After all, those ghostwritten books don’t sell themselves.

Martin Bashir’s comments were ugly, but he was talking about a person who embraces and glorifies all of the ugly things that divide our country. Bashir shouldn’t be punished. He should be praised and promoted for having the courage to speak the truth about Sarah Palin.

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