Boehner Whines About Receiving Excellent Health Insurance the Same Day He Applies

Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH) decided to blog about his experience on Thursday. According to the Speaker’s tweet, he thought the experience was a #trainwreck.



The fact is, before the end of the day, Boehner found himself enrolled in a health care plan. It didn’t take days or weeks, like it used to when you had to submit your application to an insurance company and wait for them to decide if you were approved. He didn’t have to take a physical. He didn’t have to submit his health history. He didn’t have to sweat out the application process and hope that he got the plan he signed up for or wonder if he’d get denied altogether due to pre-existing conditions.


Nope. He had to wait a few hours and by the end of the day, he was enrolled in a brand new health care plan. One that he was able to choose from a multitude of options. Interestingly, he didn’t tweet or blog or release a press statement about the price of his new health care plan or what it covers. Instead, he just whined about how ‘frustrated’ he was with his website experience and provided us with these pictures showing the grueling process.




And this one, showing more ‘frustration’.





Poor Boehner. He had to wait a little bit to get some health insurance. It took him not even half-a-day to get himself covered under a top-flight insurance policy. How will he ever recover from such a horrendous experience? Seriously, as far as political stunts go, this one was pretty pathetic. Yet, that is the direction that the GOP wants to keep going. Let’s not talk about solutions or alternatives or actually even legislating. Instead, let’s just follow a playbook and get the media to play fetch while we spoon-feed them the narrative we want to sell.


Justin Baragona

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