GOP Stoops Even Lower: Senator Accuses Obama of Using Iran Deal to Distract from ACA

john cornyn

So this happened, in case you were wondering just how low they would go.

John Cornyn (R-TX), whose character can be defined by the time he stood by Richard Mourdock when he said God intended rape pregnancies to happen, accused the White House of making a deal with Iran to curb their nuclear program in order to distract from ObamaCare.

Justin Barasky, National Press Secretary for the DSCC, was not impressed with Cornyn:

Republicans are already saying that the Iran deal is a surrender, will cause more violence, is a “historic mistake”, etc. They have to say these things because they’ve been telling Americans for eight years that if we don’t bomb Iran right away, they’ll nuke us all, so they look pretty stupid right now.

Let’s do a quick summation of how stupid they look: Their president gave up trying to find Osama bin Laden but still declared Mission Accomplished, and this is after he invaded the wrong country on a lie. President Obama found Osama bin Laden and took him out, with a small team of Navy SEALS and a lot of intelligence. Obama has been right on national security over and over again, yet this is supposed to be the GOP’s rock solid issue.

Remember, they are the party of Big Daddy who will keep us safe, except when they ignored intel and we get hit on 9/11, but they’ve erased that from their log. Instead, they won’t shut up about a security failure in Libya that happened under Obama’s watch, even though they cut funding for security in Libya in spite of Hillary Clinton’s warnings not to. In Republican logic, 9/11 was a bad thing evil people did to us and Bush wasn’t at fault at all, whereas Libya is Obama’s personal fault.

You see why they have to hate on every success Obama has? Their hopes are pinned on a website glitch.

Someone ought to enlighten Cornyn that no one would use Iran to distract from ObamaCare, because contrary to the Media/GOP narrative, ObamaCare is working in places that didn’t sabotage it. People are signing up.

People are relieved and grateful to have health insurance. ObamaCare is also slowing the growth in health costs.

The only real concern is if enough young people will sign up, and while those numbers look good in certain states, only time will tell.

But in no way would anyone who deserves to be in the Senate actually suggest in public, out loud, that the Iran deal is a distraction from ObamaCare. The desperation of these attacks only proves how empty the GOP platform really is and how BFD the landmark deal with Iran really is.

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