The Media Is Forced to Admit That The Obamacare Website is Fixed


Little by little the media is finally realizing what many of us have known for weeks, the ACA website is fixed and people are signing up.

The New York Times is reporting that the ACA website is much improved,

As the Obama administration’s weekend deadline for a smoothly functioning online marketplace for health insurance arrives, more than a month of frantic repair work is paying off with fewer crashes and error messages and speedier loading of pages, according to government officials, groups that help people enroll and experts involved in the project.

Although the administration has postponed a December marketing campaign, fearful that the site would collapse under a surge in traffic, five weeks of repair work have clearly made the exchange better. From last Sunday to Tuesday, nearly 20,000 users managed to enroll in insurance plans, the most for a three-day period, according to people familiar with the project. By comparison, fewer than 27,000 users picked an insurance plan on the federal site in the entire month of October.

And pages that once took an average of eight seconds to load now show up in a fraction of a second. The rate at which a user sees an error message has also dropped from about 6 percent to 0.75 percent.

The Washington Post also reported that, “Administration officials have established a capacity goal of 80,000 consumers per hour being able to register and 320,000 people per hour who already have accounts being able to log in, according to federal officials familiar with this aspect of the project who spoke on the condition of anonymity to describe internal details. The team has not yet attained its target of cutting the average load time across the site to no more than half a second, officials said, though it is running faster than before.”

None of these real live news reports will stop the media narrative that there is high drama surrounding the health of the ACA website. Expect the Sunday talk shows to be loaded with breathless Beltway insiders proclaiming that, “The deadline is here, and it’s make or break day for the ACA and Obama’s presidency.”

Not a single one of these reports will be accurate, true, or even close to reality. Republicans will throwing their propaganda out there that the website is doomed, and cable news will be happily lapping it up. MSBNC has been particularly galling with their ability to pretend that the healthcare website will never, ever, EVER work, so the Democratic Party is doomed. You can expect more of this kind of “reporting” from the supposedly liberal network.

As the vastly improved enrollment numbers come in, the media will have no choice but to admit that the ACA is working. Once they admit that people do want access to affordable health insurance, they will never talk about it again.

There is an onslaught of mainstream media hand wringing coming, but the truth is that people are getting and liking their Obamacare. The Republican Party and our disgraceful mainstream press were both wrong.

The ACA could be the crowning gem of Barack Obama’s presidential legacy.

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