Republicans Blame Obamacare for Alabama’s Iron Bowl Loss To Auburn

Republicans will literally blame Obamacare for anything. This includes blaming an Obamacare sign for Alabama’s loss to Auburn in the Iron Bowl.

Here is the final play where Auburn returned a missed 57 yard Alabama field goal attempt for the touchdown that won the game.

You might be thinking that Alabama lost the game because head coach Nick Saban decided to go for a difficult 57 yard field goal instead of heading to overtime, or maybe you think that it was just bad luck that Auburn won another game with a miracle ending.

But if you are a Republican you know that the real reason why soon to be former #1 team in the country lost the game.

Alabama lost because of this sign:


Michelle Malkin’s Twitchy was loaded with Republicans who thought that the Saban sign was the best insult ever, but leave it Sen. Ted Cruz’s speechwriter to proclaim that the sign doomed Nick Saban’s Crimson Tide.

It is difficult to wrap your mind around the idea that a law that gives people access to affordable health care is somehow a great slur and insult. What is absolutely unfathomable is how deep the Obamacare Derangement Syndrome runs in the Republican Party.

These people will literally blame the Affordable Care Act, or a sign referencing the law, for anything. If Alabama would have made the final field goal, would that have meant that Saban’s supposed love of Obamacare powered the ball through the uprights?

Of course not, but Republicans have completely lost their minds because the health insurance market will have to adhere to free market principles.

This polluted thinking is what makes Republicans think that they can run against the ACA and take back the Senate in 2014. This serious level of derangement has them convinced that running against the ACA will lead them back to the White House in 2016.

The power of Obama hate did not cost Alabama the game, but to the Obama haters a magic sign did defending champs in.

For the record we don’t know how Nick Saban really feels about Obamacare, but I’ll bet he wishes that he could have that decision to try a 57 yard field goal back.

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