Sarah Palin’s Miserable Ranting Christmas Book Flops on Black Friday

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Sarah Palin’s miserable hackish attempt to profit off Christmas totally bombed on Black Friday to the point where it was outsold by comedian Rob Delaney’s book.

Delaney tweeted:

Delaney posted screenshots on his Tumblr account to prove that he was winning the war on Christmas:



But Amazon just updated their top 100 list and Delaney is now at 62 as of this writing with “Rob Delaney: Mother. Wife. Sister. Human. Warrior. Falcon. Yardstick. Turban. Cabbage.”

Rob Delaney-book

Sarah Palin is at 435 for “Good Tidings and Great Joy: Protecting the Heart of Christmas”. Additionally, he’s still leading Palin in Kindle sales with Palin at 4, 5, and 6 in her specific genres while Delaney is at 2,3, and 4 in his specific genres. (Amazon lists update constantly.) Ms. Palin was nowhere to be seen in the top 100, while right wing “entertainers” Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck scored big.

Many unhappy customers took to Amazon to vent their displeasure with her book.

Here’s a taste of the public reaction.

George Waters wrote, “Despite its title, there is no “great joy” to be found in this book. I also could not find the good tidings. In fact there is mostly petty griping about various entities seeking to “destroy” Christmas (but only Christmas as defined by Sarah Palin). Palin manages to both rehash the War on Christmas and wage her own war on hope and charity (AKA love). Her sense of irony is as dead as is her sense of reality.”

Priscilla Wood wrote, “I truly thought Palin was going to make a case for why Christmas is important, instead the book is full of rants, misleading assumptions while showing more love with the idea of Christmas rather than the real meaning of it. Her argument makes it scary to think that she held public office at some point. If you enjoy reading juvenile literature you’ll enjoy this book.”

Then there are the loads of sarcastic 5 star reviews, which must be read in order to be appreciated.

This is Palin’s first go with a book without the huge right wing backup machine pre-buying huge orders in order to prop up her sales. Or, as she would say, liberal media gotchas. Katie Couric probably works at Amazon now for the singular purpose of destroying Sarah Palin as she did when she asked Palin what she read to keep informed and Palin couldn’t answer.

Sure, Rob Delaney “has been named the “Funniest Person on Twitter” by Comedy Central and one of the “50 Funniest People” by Rolling Stone, according to his website. But let’s face it – no one is funnier than Sarah Palin. She doesn’t even have to try. After all, they’re claiming she “wrote” this in “English” — punk’d, because we can tell by the bitterness that it came from the very angry person that is Sarah Palin.

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