Thanksgiving Officially Kicks Off as President Obama Pardons Popcorn the Turkey

The Thanksgiving holiday has officially kicked off, as President Obama pardoned Popcorn who was the winner of the online turkey pardon vote.

POTUS Strikes Back: Obama Takes on Citizens United

The Treasury Department is proposing new guidelines to social welfare groups applying for tax-exempt status that take aim at groups like Karl Rove's Crossroads GPS.

California Democrat James Kimber Looks to Take Out Duncan D. Hunter Next November

Mr. Kimber wanted to discuss with me why I might be wrong about thinking that it there was a 'very low' chance for the district to turn Blue.

Jim Garrow and Erik Rush Obama Should Be Stood Against Wall and Shot

Republicans have become obsessed not with simply impeaching or imprisoning President Obama, but with killing him. And they are quite open about their desires. We just saw how a pair of former generals have dishonored their uniforms by saying Obama must be forcibly removed from office and how a Christian militia group claimed that Jesus and the Second Amendment gives them the right to shoot Obama. read more

Bernie Sanders Explains How Democrats Will Win in 2014

Sen. Sanders isn't a Democrat, but on MSNBC he mapped out the perfect strategy for a Democratic victory in 2014.

Dinesh D’Souza Feels The Wrath of the Left for Calling Obama a ‘Grown Up Trayvon’

Dinesh D'Souza, who thinks he's masking his racism by concern trolling over Obama's "anti-Colonialism", called President Barack Obama a "Grown-Up Trayvon" on Twitter today.

Obama Blasts Republicans For Wasting 40+ Votes On Repealing The ACA Instead of Creating Jobs

President Obama dropped the gloves today in LA, and blasted Republicans for wasting time on 40+ votes to repeal the ACA instead of creating jobs.

Local News Station Busts Darrell Issa for Silencing Supporters During ACA Investigation

WBTV 3 reported that at Darrell Issa's ObamaCare "hearings", supporters were not only told they couldn't speak, but they were told that if they spoke "out of turn" they'd have to leave.

Fox News Uses ‘Knockout Game’ to Stoke Racial Fears Among Viewers

For the past week plus, many of the afternoon and evening talk shows on Fox have devoted quite a bit of time to this 'epidemic' that is causing fear and violence in our urban areas.

Republicans Plan to Destroy ObamaCare This Thanksgiving By Handing Out Flyers at the Mall

Republicans seem to believe that they've finally found the Thing That Will Kill ObmaaCare: It's a flyer. On your car. At the Mall. This Thanksgiving.

Workers Hit Walmart Where It Hurts By Going On Strike Before Thanksgiving

Workers in Washington, DC are hitting Walmart where it hurts by walking off the job in protest of illegal treatment and low wages just days before the Thanksgiving holiday.

John Boehner Protects Cokehead Trey Radel While Florida GOP Wants Him to Resign

The Florida Republican Party and GOP county leaders have higher standards than John Boehner. They aren't buying Trey Radel's story and they want him to step down.

Republicans Show That They Abhor Peace by Criticizing Nuclear Deal With Iran

What the American people are reminded of with the warmonger's criticism of diplomatic efforts is that Republicans abhor peace nearly as much as they love killing jobs.

The Religious Right With Their Weaponized Jesus Are Not Christians

For Boykin it was bromance at first sight and perhaps a wee bit of latent homosexuality as he waxed over Jesus' "big, bulging biceps...thin waist" and "strong shoulders."

Militia Uses Jesus and The 2nd Amendment to Justify Threatening President Obama’s Life

obama frown

Christian militias claim that under the bible and the Second Amendment they are justified in using deadly force to remove President Barack Obama.

Obama Brilliantly Turns an Immigration Heckler Into a Triumph of Free Speech

President Obama demonstrated what free speech is all about today by refusing to throw a heckler out, and discussing the issue of deportations with him during his speech in San Francisco.

Right Wing Extremists Say God Will Help Them Overthrow President Obama

After their plot to overthrow the president before Thanksgiving failed miserably, right wing extremists are now claiming that God will help them overthrow President Obama.

John Boehner’s Socialism: Taxpayers Pay 75% of His Premiums and His Wife is On Medicare

Speaker John Boehner's health insurance premiums are paid for up to 75% by the taxpayers and now his wife is going on Medicare.