Peggy Noonan Reveals the Republicans’ ObamaCare Alternative: Nothing

peggy noonanI’ve been saying for weeks now that Republicans, so desperate to destroy Obama’s biggest accomplishment that they can’t stop tearing their own ideas apart, are accidentally making a case for single payer.

Peggy Noonan took that to the next level today on ABC’s This Week, as she bypassed single payer to land back at the GOP’s real plan: Do nothing. Repeal or delay and do nothing.

Watch here:

Peggy Noonan said on This Week, “I think the Obamacare problem is two-tier. One is the real problem with the website that has been fascinating and captivating people for two months. Beyond that, there is the deeper problem of America discovering of what is in the program itself, people losing coverage, the doctor situation — you can’t keep them, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.”

Oh, yes, suddenly losing coverage is a bad thing that the GOP cares about! Hop on this bus before it takes off and rolls right over you — and it will. And I guess it shouldn’t be a shock that the only people the GOP cares about are those who already had insurance and now might have to switch their doctors. Oh, the inhumanity… It’s truly pulling at the 47%’s heartstrings. To think a few 5% of the population might have to meet a new doctor — it’s almost like dying from lack of health insurance.

“Et cetera.” This means that there is so much to complain about but Noonan figures you already know what’s wrong with Obamacare. “Et cetera.”

On top of “et cetera”, there’s this thing that hasn’t happened yet but might! Hang on to your outrage, America — “Plus, there’s something new, orphaned policies, in which people go on to the site, think they have registered and find out in January that they haven’t.”

Because of all of that, you might as well not give health insurance to any of the 47 million who don’t have it for a year. Let them die because they might not get insurance in January, “So it’s so problematic that I have said since October, this thing should just be delayed one year.”

Stephanopoulos replied, “And Peggy Noonan, one of the things you do see, even more Republican governs signing up accepting the program especially on Medicaid. We just saw Michigan signing up on top of Ohio and New Jersey, some big states there.”

Noonan goes in for the anti government push, but gets hung up on government programs that she apparently loves more than ObamaCare, “But let me say something so old-fashioned, I always thought one of the central mistakes here was obsessing on the issue of insurance and not obsessing on the issue of health care and making sure everybody who gets into an accident, who has some trouble, who doesn’t have money, can get treated in America.”

Say what? So, Peggy wants people to get treatment without insurance – no matter if they have money or not. Great idea!

Peggy wants programs like Medicare to be expanded, it seems, “It seems to me, we had some programs that could be deepened, broadened, made good, made better.” Yes, but ObamaCare is trying to do that and Republicans are refusing to take the money in some states. Why is that if Republicans really want the poor and middle class to get medical help?

Peggy feels that since insurance and a website are so complicated, we might as well give up, “And insurance is complicated. And we are seeing in this whole website thing and in everything that follows, you can’t control that market. It’s a big, complicated, nutty, messy market. We shouldn’t have government even have gone in there.”

Yet she wants to expand “some programs” — and those “programs” are government programs.

Peggy is clearly saying insurance is for the birds and the market place is “nutty, messy” — do tell, Ms Noonan. So we should go with expanding government programs, only the government should stay out of it.

So there you have GOP No Care — single payer, but without the government. Laugh here if you must.

Or, as it was before, GOP Go Die with your corporate insurance death panels but with the sentiment of single payer — because Peggy thinks it would be super nice if people could get help without insurance.

If only doctors and hospitals would donate their time and resources or charge those with insurance to cover those without – oh, wait, that’s what we were doing before ObamaCare and that wasn’t fair to those with insurance and plus there was that little issue of people dying due to lack of insurance. HUH.

The market doesn’t work according to Noonan and the government should stay out of government programs that work so well… But we should delay ObamaCare…

In other words, Noonan is advocating for doing nothing, which is what Republicans do best when they’re not obstructing and destroying.

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