The War On Christmas is in Full Effect at Fox with Todd Starnes as the Little Drummer Boy



Well, since we are now past Thanksgiving, Fox News and its website, Fox Nation, are now all in on the supposed War on Christmas. This is a yearly occurrence over at Fox, where everyone there spends a month decrying how poor Christians are continually discriminated against by liberals and atheists during the holiday season. Everyday from now until Christmas is over, Fox will run stories proving that certain parts of this great land of ours are making a full out effort to destroy Christmas in the name of political correctness and appeasing of others, such as Muslims, atheists, Communists, Socialists and any other buzzword that scares good, Christian, red-blooded Americans.


Currently at the cesspool that is Fox Nation, there is an entire section devoted to The War on Christmas. Apparently, readers can share all of their horror stories about being discriminated against that the ‘liberal media’ won’t dare report on. They even have a map of the United States with little nativity markers to show where good Christians were confronted with awful bigotry as they were just trying to prepare to celebrate the birth of Jesus.


In relation to this, Todd Starnes submitted an ‘article’ and posted it to the front page of the site. I placed article in quotes because the whole thing is three sentences long and leaves out quite a bit of relevant information. Here is the piece in its entirety:


Homeowners in an Orange County, Calif. neighborhood have been ordered to remove their outdoor Christmas lights because the decorations are an obstruction and violate county code ordinances.

“It’s horrible what they are doing to us and these poor kids,” one homeowner told television station KTLA.

As many as 20 homeowners in the Wagon Wheel subdivision received a letter from Orange County Public Works stating the lights must be removed by Wednesday.


When you access the short report done by KTLA in Los Angeles, one piece of relevant information they pointed out is that the lights and decorations are strung across multiple houses with electric cords strung overhead between the houses. In nearly every place in this country, that is going to be a building and/or zoning code infraction and require the multiple homeowners to get permission first before moving forward with the display.


Therefore, this isn’t an instance of Orange County wanting to destroy Christmas or listening to a resident that is offended by all of the Jesus lighting. No, this is an instance of the residents of that neighborhood violating a country code and finally getting caught. This is no grand conspiracy by the liberals in California to oppress the god-fearing Christians who just want to celebrate birth of Our Lord by stringing together thousands of lights.


The thing is, this is his shtick. This is what Todd Starnes does. He tries to build outrage where there isn’t any. He is there to stick up for the people who he feels are the most discriminated in this country: white, heterosexual Christians. If it takes ginning up fake stories or just straight up lying, well, that is what has to be done. See, he is fighting the good fight, and being untruthful and misleading is just part of winning the war.


Justin Baragona

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