Sarah Palin Thanks The Media for Doing Her Dirty Work and Getting Martin Bashir Fired

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On Fox and Friends today, Sarah Palin thanked the mainstream media for once again doing her bidding by getting Martin Bashir fired.


In a bit of disgusting hypocrisy, Palin told Fox and Friends, “It was refreshing to see though, that many in the media did come out and say, ‘Look our standards have got to be higher than this,’ Those with that platform, with a microphone, a camera in their face, they have to have some more responsibility taken.”

There you have it. The woman who claims to hate the media is thanking them today for doing her dirty work for her. The media’s willingness to do the bidding of Sarah Palin is enraging when one considers the double standard at work here. Whether it is Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Fox News, Glenn Beck, or Sarah Palin, the media has consistently turned a blind eye towards the vile words and political tactics used by the right against President Obama and others.

It is particularly nauseating to hear Sarah Palin talk about taking responsibility. This is a woman who couldn’t handle the responsibility of being governor of Alaska. She never took responsibility for the role that some feel her violent rhetoric played in the Gabby Giffords shooting. In that situation, she did the exact opposite from taking responsibility. She released the infamous blood libel video and played the victim.

Sarah Palin’s thanking of the media is proof that the mainstream press is wrapped around the conservative movement’s finger. Martin Bashir crossed a line that conservatives like Palin make millions of dollars crossing every day.

It is important to remember what Bashir was reacting to. Sarah Palin compared the national debt to slavery. Palin has a history of racial division and racist rhetoric. Martin Bashir was reacting to Sarah Palin’s racism. Palin gets a free pass, while Bashir is out of a job.

The situation isn’t fair. The media isn’t being honest about their biases, but those on the left have to know where they stand. MSNBC has branded themselves as a progressive alternative. This is looking more and more like marketing instead of fact. MSNBC may be more progressive than their competitors, but it is all relative. When push came to shove, NBC caved to Sarah Palin. As a media corporation, they are no different from Fox or CNN.

Martin Bashir apologized for his words. When is John McCain going to apologize for Sarah Palin?

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