Rand Paul’s Latest Fail: Doing Minority Outreach to a Small White Crowd in Detroit

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Senator Rand Paul (R-KY), who defended his white supremacist staffer who also helped him write his “book”, went to Detroit today with a plan. His plan, per the Blaze, is to break one of “America’s firmest Democratic strongholds”. He’s gonna do it with minority outreach based on selling his Libertarian message that tax cuts will solve everything.

The Senator tweeted a photo of today’s minority outreach speech, accompanying the opening of the GOP office in Detroit. Cluelessly he tweeted, “A Great crowd showed up today to support the opening of the new Michigan GOP office in #Detroit. @MIGOP”.

A great mostly white crowd. Yes. And not to great. Kinda small. (See above.) Even the Detroit News couldn’t scrounge up a supportive quote from anyone, but a couple from Livonia, which is not in any way part of urban Detroit. And they are already Republicans.

The Detroit News said things got rocky at Grave Baptist Chapel:

Paul’s Detroit tour was much bumpier at Grave Baptist Chapel, where a small group of National Action Network protesters gathered outside the event. The Rev. Charles Williams II led chants decrying the Republican party’s “right-wing, conservative, racist policies.” The demonstrators crowded near the entrance of the church hall and could be heard for a short time while Michigan Republican Party Chairman Bobby Schostak spoke.

Surprising no one who is familiar with Detroit, later on an estimated 400 attended a Detroit Economic Club luncheon at the Motor City Casino.

Video of Paul at the Detroit Economic Club:

It’s almost as if Detroiters have heard the message of the Great White Tax Cut before, from another extremist Republican claiming to be moderate. Oh, that’s right- Detroit is in the middle of having their public property stolen by Rand Paul’s 1%. This might not be the best time for the white Southerner who employed the white supremacist to lecture Detroit on how he knows how to save them.

Paul’s plan is being sold as “Economic Freedom Zones”, which you can see in action in the poorly performing Wisconsin. “What we hope to do is create taxes so low that you essentially bail yourselves out by having more money accumulate in the area over time,” Paul told reporters Thursday.

After defending his white supremacist staffer, Paul was finally forced to cut ties, lamenting that he hoped Hunter’s tenure on his congressional staff wouldn’t stand in the way of the senator’s efforts to broaden the Republican Party’s appeal. And that’s all you need to know when asking yourself if maybe he gets it. He does not.

In case hawking tax cuts to an area currently being cleaned out by 1% looters wasn’t clear, Senator Paul does not support the Civil Rights Act and he is here to broaden the GOP’s appeal in Detroit, the city where everyone knew where Rosa Parks was living out her last days, overlooking the Detroit River. Carpetbagging Rand Paul has no clue.

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