Another Obamacare Success: More People Sign Up In 2 Days Than Signed Up In October

Here’s some more ACA good news. More people signed up for the ACA in two days this week than were able to sign up during the entire month of October.

CNN reported that a source familiar with the ACA enrollment numbers said, “The data is still being scrubbed but looks like we will be 29,000 for enrollment in federal exchange for the first two days since the site improvement deadline at the end of November (midnight Sunday to midnight Monday),” the source said, noting the number reflects people who have successfully selected a plan, but that haven’t yet paid for it.”

The 29,000 people that enrolled over two days this week were 2,000 more than the total that signed up in October. Over the course of a 31 day month, this projects to 884,500 enrollees, and as the deadline approaches the enrollment pace will quicken.

These numbers reveal that there will be millions of people signed up for the ACA very soon. This is why some Republicans are looking at these numbers and backing away from their position that the law must be repealed. The tide is turning, repealing the ACA is becoming a very unpopular position outside of the GOP. However, Republicans who are up for reelection next year continue to beat the drum of repeal, as a get out the Republican vote effort for 2014.

President Obama was right. The media and the Republican Party were wrong. John Boehner can keep mumbling into the microphone that Obamacare is a trainwreck, but the numbers don’t lie. Ted Cruz claims that Obamacare is hurting the American people, but he can’t explain why if this is the case, people are flocking to sign up.

Obamacare is being defused as a campaign issue by the American people. Republicans are determined to run against the ACA in both 2014 and 2016, but that’s looking more and more like a doomed strategy. Instead of creating jobs, or doing anything to help the American people, Republicans have wasted years trying to repeal a law that is poised to help tens of millions of Americans.

It turns out the law that the media claimed would destroy Obama is taking down the Republican Party.

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