David Gregory and Meet The Press Lie and Claim the ACA Website is Still Broken


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David Gregory and NBC News didn’t even acknowledge the surge of Americans signing up for the ACA, while pushing the bogus Republican talking point that the ACA is broken.


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David Gregory: Back with our roundtable. the politics of the moment is Obamacare, and the president was out there reselling it this week, Katty Kay. this is a portion of what he said.
If i’ve got to fight another three years to make sure this law works, then that’s what I’ll do. That’s what we’ll do. Uderscoring that this is really the only job he has in his second term, right?

Katty Kay: It may be all he gets done in his second term. If he can make this succeed, this will be his legacy issue, and if you look at the chances of getting immigration reform, of getting some kind of comprehensive jobs bill, of getting some kind of infrastructure, of getting tax reform which is what businesses say they’ll need, he may have to use the next three years to make it work, and this may be what he’s left with as his big legacy issue.

Gregory: Paul, you write it’s not just about the website. There are a lot of challenges ahead about will this thing float?

Paul Gigot: The website is not fixed, either, particularly on the backhand. You have to deliver the information to the insurer, and you’re not getting accurate information to them. They don’t know who is signing up. That’s the big problem, young people not signing up right now in the numbers they have to to make this work long term, so you’ll see problems with people not just losing their insurance policies but beginning to see what these narrow networks in these new policies. I can’t keep my doctor, and by the way, maybe the price is not going up in 2014 by policy but by 2015, and that politics is going to roll out and hurt the Democrats.

Gregory: Going on the offensive as he did this week, it certainly pleases the base. Is it enough to change the impression that America has?

David Gregory happily let Paul Gigot of the Wall Street Journal push his Obamacare lies, and not a peep was uttered about the surge in signups. Gregory also had on Rev. Al Sharpton who did his best to discuss the ACA victories that we are seeing, but Gregory and his panel weren’t interested in that.

For weeks, David Gregory has been ignoring the improvements in the ACA website. Gregory and Meet The Press are ignoring the fact that ACA sign ups are increasing exponentially. The responsibility for the continued pushing of these false statements rests with David Gregory and NBC News. The Meet The Press host keeps pushing the false story that the ACA website is broken. They still see an Obama presidency in crisis, when the reality is that millions of people will have access to healthcare soon.

Most of the media have moved on from the broken website talking point, but David Gregory is still hanging on and doing his part to help the Republican Party deny 40 million Americans affordable healthcare.

It is a shameful display of unchecked bias from David Gregory, Meet The Press, and NBC News.

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