House Republicans Are Proudly Celebrating Their Obstruction of President Obama


Twisted House Republicans are proudly celebrating their obstruction of President Obama and bragging about how they have slowed the government down.

According to The Hill, House Republicans are happy with the job they’ve done in 2013,

House Republicans say they’re proud of their 2013 campaign to stymie President Obama’s regulatory agenda, even as Congress comes under fire for one of its least productive years. The bitterly divided Congress will pass fewer laws in 2013 than any year in modern history. As a result of the gridlock, President Obama has turned to his administration’s regulatory authority in pursuit of key policy goals, including efforts to tackle gun violence and climate change.

While House Republicans have pinned the blame for Congress’ anemic legislative output on Senate Democrats, they make no bones about their efforts to blunt Obama’s rulemaking power.

“We’re left with no choice,” said Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah). “The president can’t just go it alone, that’s not who we are as a country.”

In interviews with The Hill, several House Republicans claimed momentum in the messaging battle over federal regulations, which they’ve portrayed as too overbearing and expensive under the Obama administration.

House Republicans don’t see anything wrong with what they are doing. In fact, they are trying to expand their obstruction of the president into his rulemaking and implementation powers. This is a constitutional violation of the separation of powers, but House Republicans don’t care. For them, everything is about stopping President Obama.

Republicans are proud of the fact that they have wasted the taxpayers time and money on dozens of hearings. They brush off any concerns that they are passing bills that will never become law by blaming the Democratically controlled Senate, but the truth is that these House Republicans view their job as obstructing the president. Anytime that they can prevent something the president supports from being passed, House Republicans consider it a win.

House Republicans are running in 2014 on a campaign of taking the obstruction of President Obama to a whole new level. They should be ashamed of what they have done to this country. Instead, they are proud and celebrating.

Boehner’s Republicans are never going to learn, which is why voters who want a functioning government only have one option. They must send the current House Republican majority packing in November 2014.

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