New Poll Finds America Hates Congressional Republicans More Than Ever


Merry Christmas, Republican Scrooges, America hates you. They hate you even more today than they did yesterday.

Only 22% of voters approve of the job the Republicans in Congress are doing. Seventy-four percent disapprove, and 4% have either never heard of them or are unsure how to rate them, according to a new Marist Poll out today.

In fact, the government shutdown and shock and awe obstructionism of the GOP has brought all of DC down. The public hates Congress and doesn’t think as much of the President either. But they hate Republicans the most. Even more than yesterday.

According to Marist, “The Congressional Republicans previously experienced their highest level of voter dissatisfaction in April when 71% said their performance was subpar.” But there is nothing Republicans can’t do when they set their minds to it, and so they set out to prove that April subpar was nothing compared to a summer of subpar super.

So Republicans shutdown the government over the funding of a law vetted by the Supreme Court and the people — a law that benefited the people. A law that allowed the people access to affordable care. Republicans had no alternative to offer. And their insurance is paid for by the people. But apparently they don’t think You People are worthy.

Republicans refused to sit down for budget conference all summer. Instead, they led witch-hunt after witch hunt designed to do what this poll shows- take the President and Congressional Dems down with them. Misery loves company.

Just 33% approve of how Congressional Dems are doing their job while 64% disapprove, and 3% have either never heard of them or are unsure how to rate them. You can thank the media for at least half of those numbers, since they seem incapable of fact-checking Republicans and instead serve as stenographers for every desperate new pretend scandal the GOP can manufacture. Fourth estate indeed.

For proof that the media isn’t doing much, while 48% blame Congressional Republicans for the gridlock on the budget, 37% point a finger at President Obama. Seriously. Maybe if the media asked Republicans why they were avoided budget conference yet again…

This is the Republican dream – to get voters to distrust government, so that they can sell their “less government” mantra that lets corporations off of the hook because it means no one will regulate or monitor them at all.

Republicans have always achieved this goal of proving government doesn’t work by being obscenely incompetent at their jobs in government (see George W Bush or Senator Ted Cruz or half term Governor Sarah Palin). They’ve done it again!

The thing Republicans weren’t banking on, however, is that the thing they’ve made the centerpiece of their Hate the Government Meme is going to end up being the short term demise of that argument.


As we have been saying here for months, while the mainstream media fed you troll concerns over a glitch in a website that granted, did suck, but wasn’t the END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT, or even the END OF THIS PRESIDENT, or even the END OF OBAMACARES, everyone wants insurance that won’t drop them when they get sick.

This need for access to healthcare is pretty primal, and it eclipses political ideology. This wasn’t difficult to predict or sort out. Imagine a loved one is really sick and then ask yourself if you would want them to be uninsured and sick. Of course not.

And this is the part that the beltway missed, and Republicans are still missing. Republicans don’t want to be without insurance either! But they simply never thought that you might feel the same.
It is natural that they are entitled to insurance, you see, but to think that you might also feel entitled to live has never crossed their minds.

In their minds, the rest of you don’t deserve to live because you must be a lazy taker if you don’t have insurance. That’s how out of it Republicans are – they don’t care that mom and pop businesses and independent contractors couldn’t afford insurance or that the insurance people did have would drop them when they got sick.

So once again, reality bites Scroogey Republicans and the media in the bum. It’s coal for the incompetent accusers with no plan of their own.

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