USA Today/Pew Poll Shows Democrats With Advantage in 2014 Elections

Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid

A new poll released on Friday by USA Today and Pew Research shows that voters prefer Democrats to Republicans in a generic Congressional vote. The results showed that 48% of respondents would vote for a Democratic candidate if the 2014 midterms were held today, while 44% would vote Republican. This compares favorably with their previous poll during the government shutdown, when 49% favored Dems against 43% for the GOP.

When you consider the amount of negative press the mainstream media threw out at the rollout of the ACA and President Obama since the end of the shutdown, Democrats should feel downright giddy to see these poll results. This helps to show that the Affordable Care Act is not the election killer that many Democrats have felt it might be in recent weeks. Perhaps we will finally see Dems start embracing the law on the campaign trail, seeing that more and more people are signing up everyday and many super-conservative lawmakers are finally starting to wave the white flag and realize their repeal fantasies will never be realized.

Another interesting part of this poll was Republicans’ views on the Tea Party. Only 32% of GOP voters said they agreed with the Tea Party. During the government shutdown, 41% said they agreed with the movement., and that stayed pretty much the same a month later when they were asked. This is really in stark contrast to late October 2010, right before the midterms that brought us a Republican majority in the House, when 58% of Republicans agreed with the Tea Party’s views.

Obviously, this is just one poll, and we are still nearly a year away from the 2014 midterms. But, I think this poll can help show Democratic lawmakers that they need to stop running away and hiding from their accomplishments and ideals and embrace them instead. Stop playing defense against the GOP and its compliant media machine. Go on the attack! Hype up the health care law at every given opportunity. Point out that the economy continues to get stronger. Highlight how strong the auto industry is today compared to five years ago. Point out the overall lack of cooperation and compassion that the GOP has shown since taking over the House. Be the aggressor.

Justin Baragona is the Managing Editor at Politicus Sports as well as Senior Editor at PoliticusUSA. He was a political writer for before joining PoliticusUSA. Politically, Justin considers himself a liberal but also a realist and pragmatist. Currently, Justin lives in St. Louis, MO and is married. Besides writing, he also runs his own business after spending a number of years in the corporate world. You can follow Justin on Twitter either with his personal handle (@justinbaragona) or the Sports site's (@PoliticusSports).

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