DSCC Sees Huge Fundraising Gains in November Due to President Obama’s Help



The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee released their fundraising numbers in November and they were nothing short of sensational. For the month, the DSCC raised a total of $5.1 million. That gives them a total of $12 million on hand. They also have $5 million in debt. For the year, the committee has raised just shy of $50 million, easily outpacing the Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee.

One of the main reasons that the DSCC saw such huge gains was because POTUS was able to hit a few fundraising events and bring in the crowds. Also, the First Lady made a stop at an event in New York City during the month, which helped quite a bit. The fact that President Obama was able to bring in large donations while out campaigning for Senate Democrats seems to fly in the face of the narrative that was building the past few weeks that the President and Obamacare are both liabilities to maintaining Democrats’ majority in the Senate come 2014.

Despite all of the negative press surrounding the rollout of the ACA, despite the media getting amnesia over the 16-day government shutdown caused solely by Republicans and despite many Democrats themselves getting wishy-washy over the health care law during that time, the President was able to show that he is someone they can get behind to help them stay in office. Instead, while everyone was pointing to a drop in approval ratings or the ‘glitchy’ Healthcare.gov, President Obama was going out and helping his party setup for the 2014 midterms. Even if all of the Senate Democrats didn’t have his back regarding the ACA in November, he still had theirs.

As for the RSCC, they will release their November numbers later this week. However, it is likely they did not have the fundraising numbers that the DSCC had, despite going out and playing to the base about Obamacare. One big reason is they don’t have anyone as charismatic or appealing as the President or First Lady. For the year, they have been consistently well behind the DSCC . The November numbers for the DSCC represent an all-time high for an off-year November. Expect those numbers to keep raising the closer we get to the 2014 elections.

Justin Baragona

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