Now Donald Trump Thinks He Might Want to be New York’s Governor


Billionaire Donald Trump, is once again speculating that he might run for political office.  Trump is apparently mulling a run for New York Governor against incumbent Democrat Andrew Cuomo. He portrays himself as a reluctant warrior riding a crest of public supporter, stating that he does not necessarily want to be Governor, but New York Republicans are urging him to run. Trump toyed with the idea of running for President in the 2012 election cycle, but eventually declined to run. In 2011, he even briefly enjoyed a lead in the polls for Republican nominee for President, and Trump continues to insist that he could have beaten Barack Obama, but that he wanted to keep his job in the private sector instead.

If Trump does decide to run, he would face long odds. A Marist Poll conducted in November showed Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo crushing all Republican candidates for Governor. Trump fared the worst out of the four candidates polled, losing a hypothetical match-up to Cuomo by a humiliating 70-24 margin. Given, his dim prospects for victory, it seems unlikely that Trump will actually enter the race. Instead he seems poised to ride the media wave of speculation about his intentions to draw attention to himself, before he once again decides not to run.

Like Sarah Palin, Donald Trump seems to enjoy being in the media limelight, but he is not all that capable or all that interested in governing.  If he does run New York state will have an opportunity to elect a wealthy narcissistic megalomaniac for Governor. However, given Trump’s past history of pulling out of races he expresses interest in, voters of the Empire State probably need not hold their breaths in eager anticipation. 

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