Bernie Sanders Calls Out Republicans for Protecting Corporate Loopholes



Although Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) was in the 67-33 Senate majority to advance a House-passed budget agreement in order to avert another government shutdown, he was not happy with the budget. In a statement, the Senator explains that he voted for it because it avoids cuts to safety net programs. But he is very disappointed that instead of helping the jobless, it protects corporate loopholes, thanks to Republicans priorities.

“This was a difficult vote for me. The bill achieves the bare minimum that Americans expect of Congress but does not address the most important problems that our country is facing,” Sanders said in a statement.


The Senator explained why he voted for a bill that he’s not impressed by, “The budget keeps the government running and avoids threatened cuts in Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. And by partially ending sequestration, it also will allow modest increases in funding for programs that are important to many Vermonters like Head Start, Meals on Wheels, low-income heating assistance and education.”

But even as the budget protects the most vulnerable, it does nothing to create jobs or protect those who need unemployment benefits. He said, “But at a time when Americans are clear about the need to create millions of new jobs, this bill does nothing about high unemployment. In fact, it doesn’t even help the 1.3 million Americans who are about to lose their unemployment benefits.”

The Senator is not impressed that Republicans keep protecting corporate loopholes. “As a member of the Senate Budget Committee, I also am disappointed that my Republican colleagues continue to protect corporate loopholes which are costing us about $100 billion every single year. Instead, at a time of growing income and wealth inequality, this budget bill doesn’t ask the wealthy and profitable corporations to pay a nickel more in taxes.”

The bill will most likely win final passage tomorrow.

Senator Sanders explained the reasoning behind the Democrats that he often caucuses with voting for this budget. This budget sucks, in the words of Nancy Pelosi. But basically, this is what the Democrats and Independents like Bernie Sanders figured was the best they could get by the jihadists in the GOP, who are stridently protecting the rich and profitable corporations while taking food from babies.

Regardless if you agree that this budget should be passed or or not (I am not a fan, if only because I fear that appeasing terrorists is a no win situation and I note the ever right-moving goal posts), the remedy to a problem like this stays the same.

Vote in 2014.

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