Jon Stewart Annihilates Megyn Kelly On Her ‘White Santa’ Non-Apology

jon stewart megyn kelly


On Monday night, Jon Stewart took apart the ridiculousness of Megyn Kelly’s explanation regarding her comments about Santa and Jesus being white. As you probably know by now, Fox News host Megyn Kelly got into a discussion on her show on Wednesday night where she pointed out that Santa Claus is definitely white. Oh, and Jesus was, too. Well, she took a lot of flak for the comments and went on her show on Friday night to explain herself. Much like any typical Fox News personality, she didn’t exactly apologize or give any real insight into her comments. Instead, she played victim and claimed it was all done in ‘jest.’

Well, The Daily Show’s host was able to cut through all that BS and point out the absolute absurdity and falseness of Kelly’s claims. As you can see below, Stewart nailed Kelly for acting like her discussion on Wednesday night was a humorous and satirical one:



Stewart brilliantly mocked Kelly’s assertion that the original segment was one that was supposed to be taken in a joking manner. By playing the original clip, he took away her claim that her comments were taken out of context by those who found offense to them. Obviously, when watching the segment from Wednesday night, once can only come away from it realizing that she was seriously making her assertions. The reaction of Stewart watching it was priceless, as he showed just how absurd Kelly’s claim was that it was all in ‘jest.’

Stewart is always at his best when he has Fox News in his cross hairs. He has an uncanny ability of pointing out their race baiting, cheerleading for the GOP and constant spewing of bullsh*t and completely throwing it in their collective faces. This whole controversy for Kelly has been like shooting fish in a barrel for Stewart. And she made it far easier for him by trying to spin it Fox News-style and play the victim.

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