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Alex Wagner Takes Over Martin Bashir’s Old Time Slot On MSNBC

Those who wanted Joy Reid to take over Martin Bashir’s former show look to be out of luck as current noon host Alex Wagner is moving to 4 PM, as MSNBC makes room for Ronan Farrow.

TVNewser reported that Wagner is moving to 4 PM, “Alex Wagner will be the new 4pm ET host on MSNBC starting January 13, TVNewser has learned. Wagner takes over the hour from Martin Bashir who resigned earlier this month following vile comments he made about Sarah Palin.”

This move is certain to disappoint MSNBC viewers who wanted to see Joy Reid finally get her show. The schedule change is designed to promote Wagner who has become one of the rising stars of the network, while at the same time making room for Ronan Farrow’s show that will debut in January.

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Wagner’s program fits more in the wonk mold that MSNBC head Phil Griffin is so infatuated with, but it will interesting to see if her taste for panel discussions and getting into the political weeds will catch on at 4 PM.

This change reflects the fact that they have once again juggled their schedule to make room for another white man. Farrow’s initial appearances on the network haven’t exactly been gripping television. Farrow has been offering the sort of safe positions that have sunk the network’s ratings. This doesn’t mean that Farrow won’t grow into being a good host, but it may take a little time for him to find his stride.

As it stands, MSNBC looks like a directionless mess. Since moving to 7 PM, Hardball with Chris Matthews has been the network’s most popular show. A combination of Matthews, Al Sharpton, Rachel Maddow, and Ed Schultz usually make up the top 4 rated shows. Chris Hayes is in or challenges for the top 4 on a good day.

Those who loved the opinionated Bashir might be turned off by Wagner, and anyone who was looking for MSNBC to go in a different and more diverse direction are surely disappointed.

As has become the norm, MSNBC seems to have no idea what they are doing.

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