Gun-Loving Republican Governor Proudly Tweets Picture Of Christmas Present–A Pistol




On Thursday morning, the day after Christmas, Republican Governor Nikki Haley of South Carolina tweeted out a picture of one of her Christmas presents. The present happened to be a semi-automatic pistol, More specifically, a Beretta PX4 Storm. The governor posted the photo to Instagram and then tweeted it out.



Of course, there is nothing illegal about Haley receiving this pistol as a Christmas gift. It is perfectly legal for the governor to own this particular gun. It appears that her husband purchased the gun through a licensed dealer and that all background checks were done. There are really no issues one can point to on the legality of her owning this weapon.

More, it is about how callous and crass it is for an elected official to proudly boast about receiving a weapon meant for killing as a gift during a season where ‘Peace on Earth’ is supposed to be celebrated. Christmas, among other things, is meant to reflect on the love of your fellow man, not about arming yourself to potentially kill someone else. At the very least, if your husband feels the need to give you a gun for Christmas, maybe take the high road and not blast it out on social media.

Most likely, this is just a way for Haley to secure her status with the NRA and the gun nuts in her state. She has already announced her intention to run for a second term as governor. Also, the GOP looks at her as a rising star within the party and thinks she may have what it takes to run for President, if not in 2016, then perhaps in 2020. As a woman of Indian heritage, she has to prove to white, male conservatives that she can swing as hard to the right as any of the good ol’ boys. Walking around strapped with a Beretta is one way to solidify your conservative credentials, I suppose.


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